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May 27, 2013 05:30 PM

nola end of june

will arrive on friday 28th in am need a olace for breakfast other than camelia grill been there several times..also these are my other ideas for the week..moscas..basin seafood..superior seafood ...elizabeths redfish grill dantes liuzzas by the track...price is not an issue brunch...tivoli ans lee...been to atchafalya and dick and jennys...both good open to any and all suggestions

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  1. Love Refuel for breakfast. It's about 2 blocks and around a corner from Camellia. Elizabeth's is great for breakfast too. For dinner I love Dante's. Other places Uptown I like are One, Patois and Bisrto Daisy.

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    1. Try the "Coffee Pot" right next to Pat O'Brien's on St Peter between Royal and Bourbon. I am a native and this is my favorite breakfast place. Very New Orleans cuisine for breakfast and lunch. Try the Calla.
      Callas Cakes - This recipe dates back to the mid 1800’s. A blend of sweet spices and long grain rice, formed into a ball and deep fried, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with creamy grits and maple syrup.

      1. Brennan's has an amazing brunch. Although it might be pricey and a bit formal, it will certainly be a memorable occasion.

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          "Brennan's" ... A bit pricey is an understatement!

        2. this may go against the norm..but I think the best beignets are actually not at Cafe Du Monde... but actually at Café Beignet on Royal behind the police station..I also find Brennan's a bit bit overrated I like The Milk Bar, Toad Hollow, and for lunch and dinner I still like August

          1. love the Jagerhaus was there twice start of the month. Right accross from the Prince Conti Hotel very good values went back for the French toast made with french bread. Nice house Champane too..

            On Prince Coniti st of course