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May 27, 2013 03:44 PM

Shorty and Wags Chicken Wings

Anyone remember Shorty and Wags Wings ? I know they are closed ..... is there a place that compares that is still open in the Twin Cities area ?

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  1. Smoke in the Pit is getting good reviews. They have BBQ ribs, fried chicken, wings, and catfish. And, at 37th and Chicago, it's very close to the old S&Ws location.

    Heavy Table has a good writeup:

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      I was there last week. The smoked wings were good, not great (I think NB Smokehouse's are tremendous), and the burnt ends were dry. Coleslaw was serviceable - but I have to admit the fries were pretty great. I'll try them again, but won't be rushing back soon.

    2. Also, just down Nicollet is C&G's Smoking Barbecue. Same basic foodstuffs - BBQ, wings, fish, etc.

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        I was just there yesterday, all the prices for the wings were taped over, so don't know if they took them off the menu or what. I do love that motor city corned beef though. Anyone tried the loose burger?

      2. From what I gather from this board and other publications/sites around, your best bet for wings is at Runyon's or The Monte Carlo. Both are owned by the same guy so I'm guessing it is likely the same recipe.

        1. Anyone tried Arnellia's recently?

          1. I guess the answer to "anyone remember Shorty and Wags Wings" is "no" since you're now getting everything from fried to BBQ to Buffalo wings and so on.

            Maybe a little description of what Shorty and Wags offered (or what you are looking for) will help you.

            FWIW, have you tried Hickory Hut in St. Paul? I think that would be a suitable replacement for this style of wing. Whole wings fried and spiced. They're one of my guilty pleasures.

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              In direct response to the OP; yes, I remember the wings - used to go there all the time. They were truly good, but I thought always too salty.

              My go-to place now is Hickory Hut - I think they are much better than S&W's.

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                Full wing, deep fried, floured, dry spice blend

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                  I would mention Art Song's wings (the recipe at Hickory Hut) to anyone asking about good wings in the Cities. But, never having been to S&W, I have no idea if they're at all close to what the OP is looking for.