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May 27, 2013 03:19 PM

Vancouver, Canada Day Weekend

Going to be in Vancouver over the Canada Day weekend, staying at the Sutton Place hotel. Another couple from Montreal will be joining us. Have not been to Vancouver for awhile, what are the restaurants we should not miss? Will be looking for dinner on Friday night and the Sunday night. No real preferences on cuisine, but want something representative of the area, seafood, west coast cuisine, innovative etc, would all be welcome. Perhaps one moderate priced, and one upscale. Not looking for tourist traps.

Thanks all!

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  1. LOTS of options in the downtown core & West End. My own $0.25:

    upscale = YEW (in Four Seasons Hotel)

    moderate = GUU (many locations

    I've never heard negative nor disparaging comments/reviews of these two. Guu while not "west coast" per se (term itself is somewhat vague and open to interpretations), captures the spirit of Vancouver/BC coast and its mosaic of cultures, albeit specifically on the Japanese angle in this case.

    A couple of other options in Kitsilano neighbourhood, on south side of False Creek:

    upscale = Bishop's

    moderate = Fable:

    Any of the above may attract many tourists but more for good reasons than merely being 'traps' (that's what The Boathouse or Cactus Club on English Bay, or Bridges and The Sandbar on Granville Island are for !)

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      And if opportunity prevails (Sat dinner ?) for a uniquely local (and budget-friendly) experience, there is the Richmond Night Market in Richmond, easily (and preferably) accessed by the Canada Line rapid transit line:

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        I've enjoyed Yew, although we've only been for brunch/lunch. On Sundays, wines are 1/2 price (current promotion... not sure whether it will still be in effect by July).
        And not at all about the food, but on Canada Day weekend, there is free outdoor live jazz at David Lam Park in Yaletown (and also at Granville Island on July 1); lots of room for a picnic.

      2. Gastown has some interesting options these days. I'm quite partial to L'abbatoir but be sure to book a table in the atrium as the upstairs is quite loud.

        1. Well, we had a great weekend in Vancouver. A wedding was the purpose of the trip, and that took priority, as it should. We had a dinner at Francesco's that was perfect for a family gathering, with enough choice for all tastes, reasonable prices, decent food and friendly service. We had lunch at Guu on Robson, good tasty food for a hot day. The wedding and reception were at the Teahouse, and the venue, weather and food were great! What a great place for a small wedding. Another wedding related event was a brunch at Milestone's in Yaletown. There were about 22 of us, and the kitchen got all the meals out in a reasonable time, was able to get eggs done various ways (one was underdone...but replaced quickly), but the spot was perfect for the event. We were in the back room at a huge table, that allowed for visiting, and was quiet enough for a speech or two.
          Dinner at Blue water on Sunday was, service and atmosphere was all very good. A couple of lunches on patios were perfect for the weather. Three golf games topped off the weekend. I do miss Vancouver!