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May 27, 2013 03:17 PM

Special occasion dinner - Victoria, BC

We are celebrating a special occasion dinner in Victoria BC, and I have narrowed our options down to 3 restaurants:

Ulla: I liked the modern vibe and it seems to be generating good reviews for its innovative food. Being a younger couple, we do not want to go anywhere that are too stuffy or need to dress up for the meal.

Blighty's Bistro: I picked it mostly because of the Oak Bay location, and it also seems to get a loyal following. We love Japanese food but do not want sushi for this particular evening, so perhaps a Japanese chef is a good compromise?

Blue Crab Bar & Grill: I am intrigued by the Harbour view, but the food only get okay reviews ... but perhaps it's improving? Has anyone been recently?

Our focus is good seafood, excellent service and good decor, in that order. Thanks!

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  1. Ulla is an excellent choice. Reserve ahead of time.

    I would not recommend Blue Crab.

    I have not eaten at Blighty's in years so cannot comment.

    If you want a nice experience with excellent service, I always recommend Restaurant Matisse on lower Yates st.

    As a rule, Victoria is a casual restaurant destination and restaurants here do not require any suits/ties.

    Have fun.

    1. If you're looking for Oak Bay location, I've been hearing good things about La Padella (new Italian place in the old Paprika location) - not seafood-centric though.

      I've had a number of people recommend Lure in the Ocean Point Hotel for a nice meal.

      I haven't personally been to either.