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May 27, 2013 01:05 PM

Hot dog or Italian beef quandary

I will be in Chicago next month for a week for a Bat Mitzvah. Because this is a family get together, most of my time will be spent eating meals in restaurants that other people have chosen, and knowing my family, they will choose wisely. But we have the first night on our own and I want to have either a Chicago hot dog or an Italian beef sandwich and not worry about reservations and dressing up. We are staying at the Omni on Michigan and Ontario. Is there somewhere within walking distance you can recommend where we can find one or the other or both and that will be open for dinner?

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  1. Easy...Portillo's at 100 West Ontario is a couple of blocks away and has top-notch italian beef and hot dogs. Not to mention a comfortable and attractive locale...

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      Yup. dirwuf makes the perfect recommendation.