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May 27, 2013 11:40 AM

What to you miss from your neighborhood "old school" Bakery?

I ask this because while in my local Wegman's earlier today, I realized that their bakery department just cannot compare with the neighborhood bakeries of my childhood. I remember every Sunday stopping at our local Bakery in Bay Shore, NY and getting those "white mountain" rolls, Parker house rolls, kaiser rolls....and the best--crumb buns with so many humongous crumbs,,we would pick off the sugary buns then get in trouble--but it didn't matter. The crumbs were well-worth the scoldings..fresh jelly donuts..and the salty/sweet bakery chocolate chip cookies...those black and white cookies. OMG. I'm getting sad just thinking about the fact I no longer live in an area with an old school bakery. Any comments or feelings?

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  1. Onion rye was ubiquitous in the German/Jewish bakeries of my Long island youth. I've lived in Massachusetts for 40 years - it is unheard of here. Most of the indie bakeries here are Greek or Italian. Their pastries can be overly sweet and they don't seem to use much butter compared to the French or German or Jewish bakeries. Not to mention the bagel situation. Your jaw should hurt by the time you finish an "echt" bagel, and it should be smaller than the palm of your hand.

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      Don't get me started on bagels.....Long Island and the boroughs are the only places that you can get a decent bagel or bialy. Please. I haven't had a decent one since I left NY....but you're right..I totally forgot about Onion rye.

    2. in-house made white bread braided and baked in standard loaf pan - steamed up windows - sesame seeds on top of the bread - up at 10th and Sasamat for any old (ie the way it was) Vanc people - University Bakery

      1. Black & white cookies and those giant vanilla sprinkle cookies.

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          there are a couple of good sources for black & white cookies here in los angeles

        2. Sour cream donut sticks... dunked in a cup of coffee. Those always were my favorite breakfast treat.

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              For me, more specifically, jelly donuts. The fried kind with real jelly/jam inside and granulated sugar on the outside.

              Not those horrid things filled with pie filling that drop icing sugar everywhere.

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                Oh yeah. I don't have a hard time finding a decent (but not great) jelly donut, but I just ran across the pie filling ones for the first time the other day. I took a couple of bites and tossed them for being "not worth the calories."

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  Yes. The jelly donuts were called "bismarcks". I also miss the donuts fried in the old Homer Price-style machines (in lard, naturally) rolled in sugar and cinnamon. The grease would soak through the bag. My God, they were good.