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May 27, 2013 11:34 AM

Continuous service cafe/brasserie/bistrot in arrondissements 1 through 4?

We are winding down a month long trip in Paris this week, and we have dined in many good eateries: Le Jules Verne; L'Arpege; Goust; La Saotico; Breizh Café; Bread and Roses; Le Relais Comptoir; Angelina's; Restaurant Baudy in Giverny; Maceo. Our only really bad pick was Café Marly, which was disappointing in food and service
This week, we want to readjust to California time before we head home, and we would like to finish dining early enough to be in bed by 9PM.
One of us is a vegetarian who eats no fish, fowl, meat, or seafood, but who eats eggs and dairy products. The other person eats everything.
Any suggestions for some places that might work for us this week? Thanks.

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  1. You can eat at the early service at 7h30pm.
    "we would like to finish dining early enough to be in bed by 9PM. "
    This is, excuse me, insane. You want to forego all the good restos and content yourself with crappy brasseries that are open all hours just so you can beat jetlag a week early?
    Don't you want to do the opposite: deal with jetlag a week later and enjoy Paris and its food scene the way they should be enjoyed?
    You can always enjoy rest in your non-travelling everyday life. Do you really want to spend money on airfare, get tortured in airports and planes, just to focus on jetlag management in Paris?
    When you are back home, will you rank as your top enjoyment that you have less severe jetlag, or that you had a wonderful dining experience in Paris?
    Le Mesturet has vegetarian dishes and is an all-hours brasserie that has decent food. Go crazy.
    Café des Musées also has vegetarian main dishes, but is a bistro operating in regular hours, which means meal-time only.
    Remember: What you want to enjoy is Paris. Forget about "enjoying" jetlag-less-ness.