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May 27, 2013 11:28 AM

Biscuit Head, West Asheville

I hope this is as good as it sounds...

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  1. I have heard GREAT things and am going tomorrow to check it out for myself. Will report back!

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    1. A friend went to their soft opening last week. He said it was wonderful.

      Specifically, he said: "You can't imagine how good. Really. And absurdly enormous portions."

      1. Just had some lunch there: this place should do quite well. The comparison I can give you is White Duck with biscuits instead of tacos, which works out beautifully for me, and hopefully many more.

        I had the pulled pork biscuit with a side of the coconut-stewed collards, which were great. And Leepa's friend was correct: large portions. It's a heavy meal, and not one that I could handle daily, but I anticipate going back many more times.

        I didn't get a chance to try it, but their gravy of the day was blueberry Sriracha, which sounded pretty interesting. I'm pretty happy to add Biscuit Head to the neighborhood, y'all try it when you get a chance.

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          We had a late breakfast there today. The place looks really cute and inviting and the patio out back was especially nice this morning. A vast improvement over dingy Toillivers! Order at the counter, food came out pretty quick despite the fact that there were several other patrons there. I can see it being a zoo on weekends. I had the mimosa fried chicken biscuit with Sriracha slaw and an over easy egg. The egg was teeny and a bit of an afterthought but the fried chicken was AWESOME. If you like your chicken pretty heavily breaded with an extra-crunchy crust then you will love this. Couldn't really taste the Sriracha in the light spread of slaw nor the "sweet potato butter" that was advertised but that's OK, it was still delicious. The biscuits are HUGE - crumbly and buttery with a nice crunchy top - yummy. My husband had his with country ham with red-eye gravy - also came with an egg and a fried green tomato and some sort of cheese - he raved about his too. They have a toppings bar with all manner of compound butters (tomato, green chile, and my favorite...a banana almond), jams, syrups and other condiments. We also had two small fresh squeezed OJ's which I would highly recommend. I'll be getting a large from now on. About $25 for breakfast and juices, seemed like an OK deal considering the huge portions. We will definitely be back and I agree with JKidd...I can see this place being very, very popular, especially on weekends.

          1. re: miss piggy

            My thanks to both of you. I am so there this weekend. (But maybe I'll schedule a hike for after.)

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              I had that fried chicken biscuit on Saturday, and was great! I ate the chicken and slaw on the bottom of the biscuit and had 6 different jellys on the top part. yum. I had them hold the sweet potato butter, just 'cause I figured there was enough butter in the biscuit already!

              For people who haven't tried it yet, you have to think jelly flavors like raspberry truffle, almond marmalade, blackberry black's really fun.

              fresh squeeze grapefruit juice is delicious!

              1. re: danna

                Damn...that sounds great!

                (Thanks for reminding me I need to get over there.)

          2. tried it yesterday. had the country ham biscuit. biscuit was good, but nothing really special, and a bit burnt around the edges to boot. good size portion, but too much $$ considering what it is (most of the preconceived biscuits on the menu were $8-9 and ala carte would easily hit that). very sloppy, knife & fork meal. definitely a better vibe than tolliver's faux-irish pub. seems like it should do well, can't imagine the neighborhood not supporting it, but i doubt i'll return of my own volition.

            1. I had the fried catfish biscuit, and tasted the fried chicken biscuit AND the awesome Thai-curry coco-nutty collards.
              A. I am a breakfast fiend. I never order biscuits as they are heavy and weigh everything down. B. I hate collards-always have. (The versions I had here were both GREAT!)
              That said, this was THE most satisfying breakfast I've ever had in Asheville (Mayfell's crabcake benedicts aside... well, even instead of...) The biscuit was delicious and had a hard, bottom crust. The catfish had a nice, spicy Creole sauce with a sweet coleslaw underneath, finished with a nice tomato slice underneath it all. Topped off a poached egg. Sweet, spicy, crunchy, gooey. The fried chicken version had the same textural thing going on. Totally worth $8. And the fresh-squeezed orange juice was good. Very smart place. They know what they are doing. A++

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              1. re: jefferycrawford

                I have to say after sitting on my review for a day...loved BH, but HomeGrown still has my heart for best biscuit/casual breakfast in town. But it's a close race!

                1. re: miss piggy

                  That is good to know. I like HomeGrown and have never even thought of them for breakfast. Thank you!