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Are there any particular foods that you eat every day?

Last week at work, the group that usually gathers to eat lunch together noticed that many of us have the same thing every day. I usually vary my lunch from day to day but it's usually the same idea with different seasonings or sauces, however the majority of my coworkers claim to have eaten the same lunch for years and years - e.g. peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spinach salad with the same dressing and toppings. Similarly, my grandmother has had the same omelet every morning for probably half a century now. Of course, this made me wonder if there are any particular foods that I eat every day. Other than water and other liquids which I'm not thinking of, I can't think of any foods which I eat consistently every day or at least every weekday. Do you have any?

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  1. Eggs and toast virtually every morning -- prepared different ways of course.

    1. I have an apple, plain Greek yogurt, and eggs at some point in every day. I'll almost always have a peanut product too-- peanut butter, honey roasted peanuts, salted peanuts etc.

      I always have these on hand, they are quick to grab or prepare, and I really enjoy them. They are pretty healthy too.

      1. I eat some version of eggs everyday-usually in omelet form.

        I eat raspberries and beets about 5-6 days a week so bit every day but pretty darn close.

        1. Coffee. I will go on weeks-long breakfast jags but then I get tired of whatever I've been eating. Lunch and dinner I like to mix up.

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            How could I forget that! I have coffee everyday which means I also have 1/2 and 1/2 every day too. I also have 2 cups of green tea every day too.

          2. hummus and baby carrots

            1. Nope, I eat differently every day. The most often I repeat a meal is every 2-3 weeks. I get bored too easily by eating the same foods, and there is too much good stuff out there. Variety is life...

              1. Mixed nuts
                Ice cream (99% of the time)

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                  My dad is an ice cream every day guy. The night can't end without a bowl or two.

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                    Two bowls? Man after my own heart! I limit mine to one LOL!

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                      Yea, he usually just grabs the pint or...quart! To his surprisingly-fit credit most days he runs around all day working and forgets to eat much. He thinks I'm insane as I rarely eat ice cream, perhaps 3 or 4 times a year. Tonight however I am in the mood and picked up Haagen Daaz chocolate and butter pecan, I'll make up for your 1%.

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                        I'm having a 1% day today...ran out last night and haven't had time to make any more. I know I could just go buy some, but I prefer mine!

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                          I hope there are plans to load up tomorrow.

                2. I usually eat peanut butter at least twice in a given day and go through maybe a pound a week.

                  1. My breakfast virtually every weekday is 1 apple, usually fuji, chopped up, mixed with a half cup of greek yogurt, 1/3 cup cinnamon raisin granola, and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. I drink a diet coke every day on my way to work. My snacks on weekdays usually stay the same too... a fiber granola bar and 3oz of baby carrots with hummus. Weekends vary more depending on what we're doing.

                    1. Peanut butter chocolate protein shakes every day. I also tend to get in a rut and eat the same thing for weeks at a time, and then switch it up and go on for a new rut, etc.

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                        I'm also a rutter but more of a general category rutter. I'll go crazy on salad and then go crazy on the next thing.

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                          I used to be a diet mt. dew everyday person. (multiple). Had a co-worker who went to Subway every single day.... every day the exact same sandwich. Meatball sub.

                          When I was in college and lived off campus there was a pizza by the slice joint on my walk home. I got to where I was having pizza every day for weeks at a time. I was much younger with a much better metabolism....

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                            My 16 yo son would do that, too, if I'd let him. Have regular dental cleanings--that stuff is murder on your teeth, although the caffeine-sugar high is hard to beat!

                          2. I eat a package of peanut butter crackers most every morning for breakfast. The square orange ones. Probably 350 days a year for the past fifteen years.

                            I'm not quite as rigid at lunch but do eat the same general type sandwich most days.

                            1. I eat one egg almost every day for breakfast. I also always have coffee twice a day.

                              In the afternoon, I almost always have an apple with some form of protein food, such as peanut butter, cheese stick or nuts.

                              But the same lunch every day? No way.

                              1. Coffee, for sure.
                                I eat yogurt and granola 4-5x per week---it's my go to breakfast at work. And a banana most of the time along with it.
                                I'm sure that I have some kind of bread daily as well.

                                My grandma has coffee and Stella Doro cookies (breakfast treats or anisette toast) every day, usually for breakfast. One day, my mom ran out of them because she forgot to buy them. Oy, was there yelling :) Now mom and grandma remind me every time I go there to bring some. I even have a back-up package in my car.

                                1. I think the answers may reflect which people live to eat and which eat to live.

                                  Many children eat the same thing every day but most grow out of that habit, providing that as adults they can afford to buy a broader variety of foods.

                                  I have coffee every morning, and for health reasons, try to have at least one serving of legumes per day. I cook for one. I usually make at least 2 portions of whatever I am cooking, and am content to have the same lunch or dinner for a few days in a row if it's not something that freezes well.
                                  My kitchen repertoire is really too large. There are recipes that I love but don't make all that often since they require ingredients that are not among the usual suspects in my fridge and pantry, and also because I shop according to specials and quick-sale markdowns.

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                                    <<<<Many children eat the same thing every day but most grow out of that habit, providing that as adults they can afford to buy a broader variety of foods. >>>>

                                    I agree that age is a factor in repetitive food choices, though I think even more so it correlates with time one can devote to food-- grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the kitchen afterwards. If one has more time to devote to the entire cooking process (coupled with an interest in cooking, of course) then s/he will be more likely to expand their daily options.
                                    If time is constantly crunched, people may not be as willing to study different foods or cuisines or techniques.. thus tossing them into a "cereal and milk every morning!" routine. Its easy, its what they know, and its quick.

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                                      Yes, because a lot of people that don't care at all about food register and post here on chowhound.

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                                        I get your point, but there are different ways of caring about food. For example I am much more interested in cooking than eating. I really enjoy the process of coming up with a dish and actually preparing it, and I enjoy eating it too, but nowhere near as much.

                                        1. re: lamb_da_calculus

                                          When I cook for the holidays I'm like that. I'm in nirvana coming up with the recipes and cooking, but am never that hungry when it comes to eating. But when I am on my own... I always tend to cook and eat too much. I don't know why I'm not as big as a house.

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                                        I would say I live to eat...cooking food and eating it is my favorite past time. But I keep my breakfast and snacks the same for a few reasons. 1, I calorie count. Calculating calories for lunch and dinner is enough work, since I do everything from scratch, so keeping breakfast and snacks the same means less work on that end. 2, Budget. I'm on a pretty strict grocery budget, so by keeping my breakfast and snacks the same, I know exactly how much they will cost me, so I have more to spend on lunch and dinner. 3, I'm braindead in the mornings. I don't eat breakfast at home, only prepare it. So by doing the same thing every day, I don't have to think about it. Same for the snacks. Whenever I've switched up the routine in the past, I end up forgetting things.

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                                          +1 here. I absolutely live to eat, but keep breakfast and snacks pretty much the same daily so I can keep somewhat of a watch on the calories.

                                          And, I don't think of myself as in a breakfast rut. I genuinely enjoy my bowl of Kashi cereal and soymilk in the morning. Just do. For me, a rich breakfast just does not do the trick. Give me my cereal and berries anyday!

                                          I love to have variety for lunch and dinner, so I like some consistency in the other areas.

                                      3. Fruit at least 3 pcs each day
                                        Coffee every morning
                                        Greek yogurt with my fruit
                                        Some sort of toast

                                        1. cheese. not a day goes by without some cheese somewhere.

                                          1. I workout 4 days a week and my breakfast is the same every day, two hard boiled eggs and a banana.
                                            Lunch at least 5 days a week is a cup of Greek yogurt over chopped fruit, almost always an organic Fuji apple.

                                                1. Not every day, but M-F at work my lunch is almost always a yogurt, a carrot, and several pieces of fruit. It's not because I'm a child or don't care about food. It's easy to put together and eat at my desk, and it covers most of the important food groups. Once in a while I might add some cheese and crackers or some hummus and pita chips. But yogurt, carrot and fruit are constant.

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                                                    I also always have yogurt, fruit, and carrots either for lunch or breakfast! If breakfast its sweet: greek yogurt with the fruit, parfait style, carrot sticks on the side or later in the day. If its for lunch its savory: carrot and other raw veggies with a greek yogurt mixed with salsa dip and fruit on the side.

                                                    1. re: WhatsEatingYou

                                                      I've never thought of mixing salsa with yogurt. That sounds like something I'd enjoy. I've frankly gotten a bit tired of oversweet fruit yogurts, and have also tired of greek yogurts, and have thought of just buying a big tub of plain and dishing it out into small containers for lunch. You can't really buy small containers of plain regular yogurt anymore. So I could do salsa some days and fresh fruit other days. I was intrigued by pinkberry frozen yogurt's savory options for toppings, so maybe cucumber or grated carrot. Hmm...

                                                  2. Does Lipitor count as food? How about scotch? If so, yes.

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                                                      Ah, the Lipitor-booze diet, second in popularity only to the paleo diet.

                                                    2. I used to have a cheese omelet for breakfast every day (I would change up the type of cheese and hot sauce, but it was still a cheese omelet), but lately (last 2-3 months) I've been skipping the omelet and just having coffee, due to time constraints. Breakfast is the only meal where I do that, though - for other meals I rarely eat the same thing two days in a row, unless I made something SO delicious for dinner that I just can't resist eating the leftovers for lunch the next day.

                                                      1. Salad, though the toppings/construction vary.
                                                        Coffee (though you weren't thinking of liquids)

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                                                            Kind of a different topic, but thanks.

                                                          2. I've been drinking green tea everyday for years.
                                                            I also eat sliced apple and grana padano cheese as a snack before bed pretty consitently.
                                                            Other than that I love variety ..

                                                            1. Not food - but coffee w/ Bailey's coffee creamer
                                                              Kashi GoLean cereal (I switch up the variety week to week) w/ Silk soymilk
                                                              Fage greek yogurt
                                                              3-4 fruit servings
                                                              Salad before dinner, usually just romaine w/ a simple dressing
                                                              And, most importantly, again not food - but a glass (or two) of white wine once the clock hits 6:00!

                                                              1. Not a particular dish, but I eat fresh chilies or some kind of chili pepper derivative almost every day.

                                                                I also have fresh lemon or lime in some application or other almost every day.

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                                                                  I just realized that I have fresh lemon or lime almost every day as well. In cocktails...

                                                                2. Like most Brazilians I eat rice and beans plus a small salad, meat and fruit. This is a staple for the ones who can afford a complete meal twice a day in this country. The mixture of rice and beans is a well balanced mixture that prevents malnutrition in children.

                                                                  1. I always eat a half cup of oatmeal for breakfast, and three egg whites. It's actually the one meal that I always look forward to during the day.

                                                                    1. Turkey. Sandwiches, straight up, in salads. Mostly for lunch.

                                                                      1. Coffee, Diet Coke, Crystal Lite ~~ every day
                                                                        Apple every day

                                                                        1. milk. really good milk, in glass bottles from a local dairy,.

                                                                          1. Almost every day I eat some kind of beans, and some kind of greens. Beans and greens are good for your health, if you eat them each day.

                                                                            1. Coffee, for sure
                                                                              Greek Yogurt, usually 2x a day (breakfast and evening snack)
                                                                              Cottage Cheese
                                                                              Peanut Butter

                                                                              I have grilled chicken breast for lunch 85% of the time

                                                                              Sort of boring and regimented, I know.

                                                                              1. Cabot extra sharp cheddar and regular, full-salt, full-fat Triscuits. I actually crave this and even spent $8 for a tiny box of Triscuits just so I could have my fix while in Bermuda a few months ago.

                                                                                Also have to have coffee in the morning (Starbucks French roast) and tea in the afternoon (PG Tips) even if it's 90 degrees outside, which it is today.

                                                                                Also have wine every night or almost every night with dinner. Pinot noir in the winter; sauvignon blanc in the summer.

                                                                                I used to think I had interesting, varied tastes, but looking at this, I think I'm pretty dull!

                                                                                1. homemade iced blended mocha that i make with valrhona cocoa powder and chunks of dark chocolate.

                                                                                  1. AM: eggs and sausage. PM: nuts and red wine.

                                                                                    1. Yogurt with fruit and granola every morning. And coffee to drink.

                                                                                      Usually cheese appears in one of my other meals.

                                                                                      1. When I was a kid in school it was Carnation instant breakfast plus toast every day. One day my brother made me laugh while I had a mouthful of instant breakfast and it shot through both nostrils, man it hurt, brother thought it was hilarious.