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May 27, 2013 09:55 AM

Are there any particular foods that you eat every day?

Last week at work, the group that usually gathers to eat lunch together noticed that many of us have the same thing every day. I usually vary my lunch from day to day but it's usually the same idea with different seasonings or sauces, however the majority of my coworkers claim to have eaten the same lunch for years and years - e.g. peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spinach salad with the same dressing and toppings. Similarly, my grandmother has had the same omelet every morning for probably half a century now. Of course, this made me wonder if there are any particular foods that I eat every day. Other than water and other liquids which I'm not thinking of, I can't think of any foods which I eat consistently every day or at least every weekday. Do you have any?

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  1. Eggs and toast virtually every morning -- prepared different ways of course.

    1. I have an apple, plain Greek yogurt, and eggs at some point in every day. I'll almost always have a peanut product too-- peanut butter, honey roasted peanuts, salted peanuts etc.

      I always have these on hand, they are quick to grab or prepare, and I really enjoy them. They are pretty healthy too.

      1. I eat some version of eggs everyday-usually in omelet form.

        I eat raspberries and beets about 5-6 days a week so bit every day but pretty darn close.

        1. Coffee. I will go on weeks-long breakfast jags but then I get tired of whatever I've been eating. Lunch and dinner I like to mix up.

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            How could I forget that! I have coffee everyday which means I also have 1/2 and 1/2 every day too. I also have 2 cups of green tea every day too.

          2. hummus and baby carrots