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Sushi/Korean on Danforth near Coxwell

Looking forward to this place opening. We need more in the area.

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  1. Signature Kitchen is supposed to open June 11.

    It would be so great to have a decent Japanese/Korean place here.

    1. Very nicely done storefront - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

      1. They opened up on Tuesday, I grabbed a menu, looks tasty. Looks nice inside, will be checking it out shortly. They have weird hours, they close between 2:30 and 4:30 I believe. Closed Mondays.

          1. we went friday night, i hope they make it. they didn't have 4 of the 8 sushimis on menu. and when the sushi dinner came all the fish was lukewarm. It wasn't good, much like a mall meal $19.99 for this $10 for a saporro, husband had korean beef, not good either. bill was $60. We were asked how the food was and did tell them our concern (it is early days). They did nothing or said nothing to rectify. nice reno though

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              someone in the DECA blog loved it, so glad they did, i want these restos to make it, i do to, but honestly it was probably the worst sushi ive ever had. wanted to like sooo much.

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                I wanted to like it too...tho I don't think the DECA folks are food-types, just based on what I've been sent on their emails.

                A nice reno and it's good when you can't remember what was there before.

                We had Korean beef and a roll. I liked the food, if it was a few more $ than the competition down the road, but not sure if is was comparable in quality.

                For those of you in the know, should I have expected banchan? I know it's sushi+korean but since I was having the bulgogi it was it was disappointing they did not offer the usual side dishes.

              2. I've been once. Mr. Olivia had sushi (he's a real sushi guy) and he enjoyed it. I had bibimbap, and it was good (say 4/5). Interesting notes, the (great) kimchi is homemade, and the owner told me the soy sauce was too (THAT is hardcore, IMO--to be fair though, I tasted it and wouldn't have known it was homemade). Here's hoping they expand the non-sushi part of the menu in the coming months.

                BTW, neighbourguy, I'm no Korean expert, but I've only ever had banchan at BBQ places (ie. the DIY, tabletop ones). It's one of the best things about Korean dining though, isn't it?

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                  When they say it's homemade, it means they mix soy and sugar or water or whatever it is. They aren't making soy sauce.

                2. Neighbourhood Guy, Is Deca a clique of only certain people? i have emailed to volunteer many times. never got a response.

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                    The only person I know of is Catherine Porter. They have meetings and I've read several calls for volunteers and I'm on that list myself. Who knows if they are a clique of a select few or just a bunch of busy people?

                    Have you been back to Signature Kitchen? I want to return and support a local biz but I'm stuck on the lack of banchan.

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                      Havent been back as away on holidays will check it out again in the fall after all the "new" is gone. BTW deca has 5 food trucks coming to East Lynn Farmers market this Thursday. that should be interesting.

                  2. I went in to try at lunch time and although the place was new and clean and the server was friendly, the food was mediocre. I'd rather go a bit further to get better sushi. I'm so disappointed because I've been looking forward to decent sushi place at this section of Danforth.

                    They had $11 and $13 lunch specials but nothing was that appealing to me (mostly cooked things and California or shrimp rolls) so I thought I would try my favourite sushi item, Spicy Salmon Roll, to see how it stacked up. I had my toddler with me so I ordered an avocado and yam tempura roll for us to share.

                    The salmon was that mushy chopped up kind as opposed to some nice pieces that you can bite into. The texture was not for me and did not satisfy my desire for biting into a piece of salmon! The avocado in the other roll was on the unripe side and not as creamy and sweet as you'd like it be. The yam tempura in the roll was fine and was topped with a few slices of yam tempura.

                    The three rolls plus a pop, tax and tip was $24 which I thought was a lot for 1.5 people! Because I didn't get the lunch special I didn't any salad or soup, which was fine, but just thought was worth mentioning.

                    Many of their sushi items had cooked items (crab, shrimp) and cream cheese (yuck!). I asked about their bibimbap and it does not come in a stone bowl, so I don't think I'll bother going back to try that.

                    1. My husband and I went this past Saturday and thought the food was decent. We tried the bibimbap, fish pancake and Kamikazi roll. The miso dressing that came with the salad was good (not too tart or sweet) and the miso soup was a little richer than we're used to but also quite good. We love Korean and Japanese food so were quite happy to see this addition to the neighbourhood.