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May 27, 2013 07:50 AM

Oaxacan Cheese Grits at the Painted Burro/ The Dish worth Driving to

At the risk of sounding like one of the Andelman brothers, "the dish worth driving to" at the Painted burro is definitely the Oaxacan Cheese Grits. What a revelation! Like a heavenly cross between traditional grits and corn pudding. Without a doubt the best thing we ate last night.

Curious to know what other great dishes are out there that you would deem 'The dish worth driving to"

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  1. Pinxto Pinxo-(Woburn Ctr.) Almond Pudding
    Noor Mediterranean Grill (Somville) Babaganoosh
    Winsor Cafe- Baked Pork Bao
    Eastern Lamejun, (Belmont)- Cheese and Spinach Borek
    Tango (Arlington Ctr.) Empanadas Carne
    Dave's Pasta (Somville) Panforte; Grilled Cubano
    Ribelle (Brookline) Banana pancakes w/ Cocoa Nib butter at Brunch
    Strip T's (Watertown), Grilled Romaine, Oxtail and Spicy Sauce
    I.C.O.B. (Kenmore Sq.) Lobster Roe Pasta w/ Lobster, Chanterelles, and Madeira Sauce
    ExNE (Inman Sq.) Ramen with Ankimo Butter

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      Ochef, the last time (6 weeks ago maybe?) I was at Strip T's the grilled romaine with oxtail wasn't on the menu and I almost cried. When have you seen it last?

      1. re: Bugsey34

        Lately (and by that I mean for the past 6 months), it has only been on the lunch menu. I've been told that it sometimes shows up on the dinner menu, but it hasn't been on the dinner menu on my last 2 times. I did have it at lunch the last 2 times I had lunch there.

        I would drive for:
        Arancini at Gallaria Umberto (my wife calls them GOG, Golden Orbs of Goodness!)
        Steak Tartare at Eastern Standard
        Grilled Romaine and Oxtail with egg at Strip-T's
        Deviled eggs with crispy proscuitto at The Hawthorne
        Hot pretzels with stone ground bourbon mustard @ The Hawthorne
        Idaho Red Trout @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
        Crispy Fried Pig Tails @ Craigie On Main
        (Can you tell I spend a lot of time in Kenmore?)

      2. re: opinionatedchef

        Slow down! Holy schmokes. I've got a lot of driving to do. Thanks for the awesome list!