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May 27, 2013 06:12 AM

Fall River Area - Lobster Roll?

Anything chowish in the fall river area. Specifically a good lobster roll? Hall is Blount Clam Shack?? Reviews on other sites are very mixed.

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  1. Have you tried southern NE board? you might get more replies there or did you already try there?

    1. I seem to remember some decent seafood places as you head into Tiverton. I' ve bought lobster from a place near Sakonnet Point

      1. I always go to Evelyn's Drive in in Tiverton for lobster rolls.

        1. I eat in Fall River often, but to be honest, I can't bear going anywhere but Sagres for outstanding Portuguese food. Huge portions, ridiculously fair prices, great service, I love everything about it. Never had a bad meal.

          As for Lobster Rolls, I've heard Blounts is actually pretty good and Evelyn's in Tiverton is now horrible. No personal experience with either though, as I'd rather make my own. It's just so easy to do it just the way I like them with fresh picked lobster meat available at any decent monger.

          1. I agree with going Azorean / Portuguese in Fall Reev. They do fine things with seafood.

            Not too far away, I think Quito's in Bristol, RI is a fine, old-school, family-run seafood joint, ditto Jack's Family Restaurant in Warren, RI.