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please recommend a good takeaway salad place

Hi, a friend and I are visiting NYC from New Zealand soon. Can anyone please recommend a good place for takeaway salads. We want to get some nice salads and go to a concert in a park. Only good quality, please - not supermarket stuff. Thank you!

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  1. In my opinion, the salad bars at Whole Foods (Time Warner Building) and Mangia-West 57 are great! Make your own and "take away"!

    1. Whole Foods, whichever one is closest to your concert.

      1. Great, thanks very much for that.

        1. Probably not near your concert, but I always enjoy the salads at City Bakery. Quite expensive, though.

          1. Gourmet 53.

            I wish there was a concert in the part today. Perfect weather for it. Stunning SoCal like weather.

            1. I really like Just Salad (and better than Chop't). Google them for locations...I know they just opened one around 54th and Lex.

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                i have Chop't near my office and usually end up there for lunch.

                also consider Epicerie Boulud depending on where in the park you'll be headed.

              2. I love Chop't. There are quite a few of them around the city so just go to their website. They have a few salads they of their own or you can create your own.

                1. If you are going to a concert in Central Park you would probably enjoy browsing the aisles of takeaway's at Zabar's (81 st and Broadway).

                  1. FYI all concerts in the park you must go early!!! Like an hour early. Plan to bring something to sit on the lawns get wet, and "technically" there is no wine/beer in central park, so if you do bring it, either pour into different containers or be discreet like everyone else......

                    1. Thanks for all the replies, everybody.

                      Zabar's looks interesting. If we go there round 5 p.m., will they still have a good selection of salads?

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                        I think so. They're very busy and replenish.