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Infused Wine

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about infusing wine with fruits or spices. My girlfriend hates wine and Im trying to get her more into it. Currently (and unfortunately..) the only kind of "wine" she likes is that Boons stuff. I already love infusing spirits and was wondering if it is possible and worth it with wine. I know the obvious solution would be to simply add fruit juice or make sangria, I just wanted to get creative and am curious if this is curious and practical

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  1. I haven't tried this yet, but now that it's summer I plan to do so.

    Orange Peel Wine


    Also a bit of creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) in white wine is a classic kir, or a kir royale with sparkling wine.

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      Thanks! the orange peel wine looks great. The other one is fantastic

      1. Oh, Boonsfarm...wouldn't have gotten through high school without it :) You mentioned sangria...maybe start her on a white sangria? Very light and fruity and doesn't taste too"winey". Also foolproof...

        (cheapish) white wine (maybe a pinot grigio)
        triple sec
        cherries (or any fruit you want, really)

        I would say prob 2 parts wine to 1 part 7-Up, with a healthy glugging of triple sec. Mix in large jar, add fruit, and let sit in the fridge for a day or so. Once she like that, then get her to drink straight white wine, then rose, then a light red (like a pinot noir) then on to the heavy stuff, including mulled wine during the holidays!

        1. I don't see the connection between getting your girlfriend -- or anyone, for that matter -- to enjoy wine (e.g.: Chardonnay, Cabernet, etc.) by infusing the wine with fruit. You add pear to Chardonnay and it still tastes like Chardonnay . . . with a little accent of pear; you add cherry to Cabernet, and it still tastes like a Cab . . . but that's ME. Who knows how your girlfriend will react, but . . . has she tried REAL fruit wines? Wines actually made from cherries, or ollaieberries, or . . . .

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            We live in Mexico....wine is very unpopular here. So my options are limited and I have to work with what is available

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              With good reason . . . wines produced in Mexico may show potential, but (in my experience) they aren't they yet, and wines imported into Mexico are very expensive,

              I guess the question is why do you want to convert your girlfriend into a wine drinker when she doesn't like the stuff?

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                Check out La Contra Vinos if you're in Guadalajara, Ensenada, Tijuana, San Cristobal de las Casas, or Aguascalientes. They may have shops in other cities, their web site is a mess.


              1. You could try a belini:


                Some people also make mulled wine around the holidays, but personally I can't stand the stuff (who wants to drink warm wine??


                Here's a whole bunch more of wine cocktails:


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                  Me. I want to drink warm wine, especially if it's really cold outside.

                2. May wine is easy. Uncork a bottle of white wine, stuff in a couple tender sprigs of sweet woodruff (bruise if you want strong flavor), recork, and let sit overnight in the fridge.

                  1. Vin d'orange can be very nice.



                    Ditto the grapefruit version.


                    Kir can be very good if made with high-quality creme de cassis such as Massenez. I don't like the version made with syrup.

                    A proper Bellini made with fresh ripe white peaches (good luck finding them) is delicious, but I don't like the stuff made with canned / bottled peach purée.

                    1. You could also infuse white wine with (sweet) Peppers.

                      Pimençon, jurançon wine infused with sweet red pepper.

                      (in french) http://www.alain-darroze.fr/produits/...

                      He says in the article that the result should not be considered a wine; but a simple wine beverage to be enjoyed (or not).


                      1. Another possibility is to take her to a wine tasting, so that she can taste many different types of wines. There may be one that she loves. Viognier is fruity, for example.

                        1. Hi! I have not infused wine but have infused spirits. Wine really is a acquired taste and starting off sweet and white is usually safe. Moving then to rosee