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May 26, 2013 06:21 PM

Tujagues on Monday - specific questions

Hello NOLA hounds - I have been enjoying reading your posts as I look forward to a brief trip with my husband, 8 year old son, and dog. I'm putting together an itinerary based on the same old subjects... there is more than enough information on here to help me make my decisions on poboys, gumbo, bbq shrimp, beignets...etc.

Thinking about trying to get drinks at Tujague's - I read on this board that they do free red beans and rice on Mondays. My fellas LOVE them some red beans and rice...but how does it work? Is it part of the table d'hote menu? Served at the bar?

Thanks in advance for your help - I'm so excited to come, and promise to report back.

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  1. I know that free is a good thing, but if your family has a truly special love for red beans and rice, consider a visit to Restaurant R'evolution for lunch on a Monday in order to experience their re-creation of the dish as prepared at the iconic Buster Holmes. You'll get a first rate lunch entree in a spectacular space for $13. (


    If you want to stick with with potentially free RB&R at Tujague's, you may want to call them directly to get the most current and reliable intel. Sadly, Tujague's has a very cloudy future; the restaurant is currently slated to close due to a pending sale of the building with the new owner having other intentions for the space ( ).

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      Thanks for this reply, Gizmo56! Revolution looks amazing - but I'm leery of formal dining rooms with my bouncy 8 year old boy. Also trying to focus on old-school NO places - to give you an idea, I have been obsessing on Casamentos for a decade, and am CRUSHED to learn that they will be closed during our trip. But, that is the kind of place I'm looking for. We are planning to hit Pascal's Manale, instead of Casamentos.

      I had read about the cloudy future of Tujagues, and saw pictures that led me to believe it is less formal...but two things I gleaned from what I read are 1) the table d'hote menu is expensive and mediocre, and 2) the Pimm's cup is exceptional. So, I would like to go there for drinks, and was wondering if I should try and aim for Monday for RBR.

      Yes, I think I will give them a call - good idea.

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        If you want less formal try Cafe Reconcile for your taste of red beans, white beans, and other local comfort food dishes.

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          Thanks! This looks like a vey worthy cause, reasonably priced, and casual. Not really near any of our other destinations - is it a destination place in and of itself?

          FWIW - I have a list of RBR places to try...don't want to get into a huge discussion about it, because my head is already swimming with too much yumminess, not enough time. My question was about Tujagues, and since chowpups aren't welcome in the bar, it is a moot point.

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            It is not a destination place for fine dining. But I consider it a destination place for solid home cookin' lunches and a touch of atmosphere away from the tourist route. Every out-of-towner that I have taken there for lunch liked the food, the atmosphere and the fact that there were worthwhile things going on around us.

      2. re: Gizmo56

        Tujague's will not be closing at this time. There will be a press release later today or tomorrow.

      3. Also, to eat other than the prix fixe menu at Tujague's you need to be in the bar area, and minors are not allowed in the bar area because of the video poker machines.

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          There it is! Thanks rouxdauphine...looks like we will have to miss Tujagues. Thanks!

        2. I'm interested in your plans for the dog. I'll be traveling with two dogs to NO at the end of the year and am curious to find dog friendly places.

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              Redbean, I do know the French Quarter Suites on Rampart is very dog friendly since practically everyone who works there brings their pooches to work with them. That's where we stay when we set out for all our culinary pursuits in the Quarter. Port of Call on Esplanade and Croissant d'Or on Ursulines are right there and are two of our favorites, as well as Meauxbar and Bar Tonique on Rampart, quite close to Louis Armstrong Park. New Orleans seems to be a very pet-friendly city, both for cats and dogs (I'm thinking of the resident kitty at Coop's on Decatur). Love it!

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                RBR - as it turns out, we are leaving our (enormous) pooch at home. BUT, here is what I had researched and planned

                Dog Parks - we planned to go to City Park and let her and the kiddo run around - perhaps to or from Drago's in Metairie. We also planned a jaunt to Cabrini, a walk down along Louis Armstrong Park and the St. Louis cemetery, with stop at pet-friendly Parkway for Poor Boys.

                Bring Fido helped me....Homeaway has a few charming pet-friendly homes for rent close to all the good eating!

                1. re: saticoy

                  I appreciate the response. Thank you.