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May 26, 2013 05:55 PM

Saffron Deli and Pastry

Tried to go to Noodle Boat today but it was closed Sunday for lunch so we went a couple doors away to the Saffron Deli and Pastry. Now I have to go back to Issaquah for Noodle Boat and another visit to Saffron. A regular customer advised us to try two of the Lao specials on the window display which were a noodle hicken curry soup and fried pork roll lettuce wraps. Both were very good and the warmth of the owner who is Lao and her daughter were welcoming and informative and there are several Lao specialties. I need to try the Lao sausage and I understand that the Pho is distinctive with a more concentrated flavorful stock. Laab was not yet on the menu due to a printing delay but if I had known I would have tried that. The decor is very family style with a certain amount of clutter.

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  1. I had that experience, too.
    Noodle boat closed, but hey, I'm hungry.
    Holy cow.
    The crepe blew our mind. Very Viet Nam, very France. Odd beautiful.
    I'm sure her talent defies category, but she sure cooks good chow.

    1. We were on a day trip to Snoqualmie and needed a place to lunch. Remembered the CH posts on this place so we stopped there. So worth it! Those QQ noodles were amazing. And I'm sure it is simple and maybe obvious, but whatever the dipping sauce is for the crêpes and the Lao sausage is fabulous. Tastes like whatever 88 Restaurant puts on their fried egg banh mi to make it so delectable. The owner said she was running out of food (at 2pm on Sunday). We never get out that way but I sense we will be finding excuses to do so in future...

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        Your post reminded me that Metro 271 runs from the U District to Saffron Deli and the weather right now is perfect for a day trip on a lumpy motor coach. Soon.