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May 26, 2013 05:10 PM

juvi happy hour?

I'll be in NYC with my 10-yr-old son in a few weeks. Most of our eating will be at simple, inexpensive places, but I'd love to have a nice drink at happy hour once. He's well-behaved and has been in adult spaces before, but "adult" would make us uncomfortable. Additionally, some bars, even places with great tapas menus, do not permit minors on the premises.

Can you suggest a nice place for the two of us to unwind?

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  1. I would call and ask if Maialino is still offering their happy hour.

    1. Just a suggestion to change the title or re-post. When i read "Juvi Happy Hour", I really thought Juvi was a restauraunt.

      There was also a recent thread from someone travelling with a 12 year old that touches on this:

      Hope this can be of help.

      1. As it turned out, there was a nice restaurant on top of our hotel