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May 26, 2013 05:08 PM

Saginaw & Alpena

In about two weeks I'm making a trip up north from Pontiac to Marquette, with stops in a few different towns and cities. The trip will end by going down US 23 from Cheboygan, to Alpena,to Saginaw, and then home. Does anyone out there has anywhere to recommend in Saginaw ,Alpena, or on US 23 in general? I put a similar request on Roadfood and someone mentioned The Turkey Roost near Linwood, (north of Saginaw.)

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  1. Turkey Roost is *exactly* what I thought of when you said Saginaw. "Do one thing, and do it well." would be their motto, and I miss this place being two hours south. Every time I go by there, I stop...if I don't, I get all surly about it.

    Cheap, clean, tasty, worth it. The very definition of road food.

    1. > The trip will end by going down US 23 from Cheboygan,
      > to Alpena,to Saginaw,

      Take an ice chest. Make the brief detour into Rogers City.

      Buy smoked tube steaks at Rygwelsi's IGA.
      Buy smoked fish at Nowicki's

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        Rainsux, Do you ever pick up Plath's bacon in Rogers City? It's the only bacon I will buy up here but I'm not sure if others would consider it a 'must' when visiting the area.

        1. re: tokyo

          This is is the first I have heard of it. Where do I buy it?

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            Plath's has retail stores in Rogers City and Petoskey. A few of their products are sold at Great Lakes Meats in Cheboygan.

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              Rainsux, Plath's is a 1 1/2 hr destination for us once a summer. Heavenly, THICK smoked pork chops, bacon, jerky.
              But what in the world is a tube steak at the IGA??

        2. Flour Garden in Harrisville for breakfast and provisions (small "gourmet" grocery attached to restaurant)

          Klenow's Grocery in downtown East Tawas for smoked fish/sausages...a picnic along the lake somewhere is a beautiful thing. Smoked fish, crackers, cheese and wine...(there's a wine store a few doors down from Klenow's)

          H&H Bakery in Au Gres for a perch sandwich. It's a linoleum floored wood-panelled greasy spoon but the fish sandwich is worth a stop

          Tait's in Oscoda for decent "fancy" food, or Wiltse's, also in Oscoda, for a brew pub

          Not far from the Turkey Roost are the cheese stores in Pinconning and Linwood. We like Williams for cheeses, crackers and whatever

          1. When I hear the word Cheese Shop I tend to think of Monty Python.

            1. My trip is almost over. I'm at the hotel computer in Saginaw right now. I made it to two places recomended by Chowhound, Williams Cheese Shop and the Turkey Roost. I had a take out hot turkey sandwhich at the Turkey Roost, (really good, alot like the type I had when I was a kid.) As it was father's day the place was packed. At Wiliams I bought about 40$ worth of cheese for my mom and her friend, (it's in the motel fridge right now.)

              I also stopped a Brown's Fisheries in Paradise which was recomended by someone on Roadfood. Tommorrow I go back to Pontiac.

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                Yeah, it's hard to find issues with Turkey Roost. No one could *ever* say that they have a "there's something for everyone" menu, I guess, if you really want to pick nits, but invariably they do what they do extremely well.

                So glad that you liked it.