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May 26, 2013 01:59 PM

Ethnic Markets in Northern Mississippi

I'll be moving to Clarksdale in July. I've lived in Los Angeles for many years and ethnic markets are, to say the least, not hard to come by. I do a lot of cooking of Asian, Latin American and European foods. (I lived in Asia for many years also.) I know of a pretty good Asian market in Memphis, but I"m hoping to find a variety of good, or at least pretty good, Asian, Mexican / Latin American, Italian, Eastern European, Middle-Eastern markets that I can get to within an hour or two of Clarksdale. (Jackson or Oxford would qualify - I can bring a cooler for the fresh stuff.) Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey, estone! I live in Clarksdale, and can tell you that Memphis will be your best bet for just about everything. However, there are some places to note. In C'Dale, Wong's Foodland Grocery and D&T Supermarket are two very small, family-owned markets that have random unexpected items in stock, and sometimes are willing to special order things. Oxbow is a market/caterer/hard-to-define type joint which makes, imports, packages, sells, orders, etc., all sorts of interesting offerings, and the owners are super nice. They can help hook you up with sources. Same for Miss Del's General Store. I personally am very excited about the New International Grocery in Oxford. It's only been opened a couple of months, and I've only been once, but it seems like it could be a great resource. There are ways and means. Myself, I make a monthly trip to Memphis with a few coolers full of ice packs. Good luck, and welcome to the Delta!

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      Hey tracytrace, thanks. I'm looking forward to the challenge of it. What's the New International Grocery in Oxford got?

    2. This might be someplace that you already know about, but the Winchester Farmers Market in Memphis is probably the best ethnic market within 200 miles of you. It is Memphis's best kept secret!

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        Thanks for reminding me. I've heard of it and am looking forward to throwing a large cooler in my car and heading up there for a shopping spree not long after I get to Clarksdale. I've also heard that they sometimes have food vendors in the parking lot. As a frequenter of taco stands and trucks in L.A. I am very heartened to hear that.

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          Do take that ice chest, you will need it! The place isn't a farmers market in the traditional sense, but a repurposed Kroger super market. And they keep it full of stuff! The produce area has more things that I can't identify than things I can!

      2. Hey, I just wanted to add, since you will apparently be coming soonish, the Lyon Farmers Market is great for local produce, jams, preserves, etc. It only goes for a few weeks in summer, and it's verrrrry early on Saturday mornings, but it's totally worth it. Anybody can direct you to the Lyon Park location. For me, tomorrow is my monthly Memphis trip. I've got 4 ice chests, plenty of blue ice packs, and change for ice machines. Planning to hit up Winchester Farmers Market, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Easy Way, and Aldi, to see me through another few weeks in the Flatland!

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          Good tip, thanks. I was wondering about local farmers markets and figured that there must be some around. Hope to run into you shopping in Memphis one of these days.