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May 26, 2013 01:44 PM

Siciliy....agrotourism vs. cooking schools?

Hi Chowhound friends,

My boyfriend (Avidan on the forums) and I wil be spending 4 days in Sicily in 2 weeks. I have always wanted to go to Fabrizia Lanza's cooking school and thought that is where we would end up, but the more research I do, the more confused I get. We are landing in Palermo mid week and plan to rent a car. I was thinking we would head to the Ionian Coast and not really spend much time in Palermo. I hear the markets not that great there. Recently I cam across lots of agrotourism listings, such as Moncai Delle Terre Nere, Mandranova and Talia.

Would love some clarity on the best ways to sample the food, learn some new techniques and to soak in Sicily.

Thanks All

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  1. If you only have four days in Sicily, then Fabrizia's school may not be for you. First of all, I think the classes go on for a few days.

    Yes, I would suggest finding an agriturismo that also can organize a class or two for you. I don't know any specifically, unfortunately.

    1. boy, you know, we ran across some really great people in Sicily. And people were willing to talk about their foods. I'd suggest an agrotourismo something or even an albergo. With 4 days, if you don't like an area, move on. If you like the albergo or B&B stay. There's also Air B&B and you can inquire directly there about full board or half-board availability and the freshness of food. Don't be afraid to ask.

      We consistently ran across friendly, open people even in the "touristy" towns. The Sicilians we met took a lot of pride in their food. If you were on the Eastern side, I could recommend someone to work with whether or not you stayed in their B&B, but since you're not - I say go explore!