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May 26, 2013 01:15 PM

Road food between Everglades City and Key West besides Alabama Jack's?

We are driving from Everglades City to Key West next Friday, US-41 to US-1. We know about Alabama Jack's and plan to catch it on our return to Miami. Is there any other road food we need to know about, or should we just concentrate on getting to Key West?

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  1. In Islamorada I like lazy Days.It's around mm 90 ocean side.Great seafood.Rick's Island grill in Islamorada is nice too.Un Marathon I stop at Keys Fisheries,bay side.Casual outdoor eating on picnic benches on the water.In Key colony just down from Keys Fisheries is Sparky's Landing,Ocean side right on the fishing docks.Around mm 22 or so is Mangrove Mama's.Even if Im not hungry I stop here for something to drink.I just like walking in this old FLA place then sitting out in their patio.

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        I love the Lorelei Cabana. Haven't been for years so I hesitated to recommend it. Do they still have the huge tacky Mermaid out by the highway?

        I still see they have yellowtail on the menu. That was always my favorite.

    1. Bob's Bunz is DIVINE!!!! Bakery and breakfast are my recommendations. It is not elegant or refined, by any means. It is diner food.

      1. Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe is on US 41, a few miles East of Everglades City. It's afunky setting with decent road food. (Yes, I know this is long after AmyMad's drive!)