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May 26, 2013 12:42 PM

Identify this Japanese knife?

Hi there, can anyone identify this Japanese knife? The blade is sharply beveled only on one side, feels very balanced to me (but very heavy). It is carbon Steel and staining a bit. It is very sharp because I haven't used it much, but I am not sure how to sharpen it.

Thanks much!

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  1. You may know this already. It is a deba-bocho (a single bevel fish knife). It is Japanese fish butcher/filet knife. I know the Japanese characters for the knife, but I am not familiar with this brand. It basically states that it is "Deer Brand". Sorry. I don't know anymore beyond this brand.

    In term of sharpening, there are a few nice videos for single bevel knives. If you just want to do it like most home cooks, here is a good one. It also includes how to use it to filet a fish.

    If you want to do a very good job, then Jon has a very nice video:

    Have fun.

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      Thank you chem. I did not know. This knife was a gift to me from someone that was gifted it from a Japanese CEO of a company he was connected to. I have no experience with this type of knife.

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        I hope you have fun with the knife. It is designed as a fish knife, but some people also use it for deboning chicken.

    2. Deba's are good knives. As Chem suggested, try it with boned chicken pieces. I think you will be surprised how well it works. Being single bevel, it will be hard to get flat straight cuts in hard vegtables but, those are fun to cut too.

      It is a carbon steel knife so, you need to keep it lightly oiled to prevent rust staining. With use, it will develop a patina which will help protect it from rust.

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        Do not chop as with a western cleaver. Or you will end up with a half moon in it as mine has. Some lessons are very expensive.