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May 26, 2013 12:23 PM

Toronto hound needs a little advice (and confirmation) on my pending Washington visit.

My mom & I are doing a Washington sightseeing tour next weekend. We have 3 nights. I'm pretty sure about the first 2 nights but need help for our 3rd night.
Friday night we're booked for an early dinner at Rasika
Saturday night at Masa 14
Sunday I'm torn between Birch and Barley vs. Oyamel. I know they're not exactly directly comparable. (they both have availability)
Mexican food is lacking in Toronto so I'm leaning towards the latter but could be swayed either way. Which is best in terms of atmosphere & value? We're staying in Dupont Circle if that makes a difference at all.

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  1. There are a few things you should be aware of. 1) I personally think the Mexican cuisine in DC is lacking as well and Oyamel is only so-so. You'll get a taste of Latin cuisine at Masa 14 which is Latin/Asian fusion. If it's Jose Andres you want I would recommend Jaleo for Spanish tapas instead.

    2) Birch and Barley is amazing (even if you just go for drinks and dessert), but you should be aware that on Sundays they only serve a day-long brunch menu. If it's dinner you want you should probably go elsewhere. Some good restaurants worth checking out near Dupont would be Hank's Oyster Bar, Mintwood Place, or Le Diplomate.

    Solid choice with Rasika--it's amazing!

    1. How about Little Serow or Komi for your 3rd night?

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        They aren't open on Sundays. Not sure whether Masa 14 is worth it. Try Estadio or Seki instead. Or either of those or Jaleo on Sunday. Skip Oyamel

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          Ah, sorry about that. Forgot the Sunday part.

      2. I'd go to Birch and Barley. If you want good Mexican food in the DC area, you need to go out to the suburbs. Oyamel is high end Mexican and not great at that.