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May 26, 2013 12:07 PM

Wedding Venues

Looking for a great wedding venue with excellent food

needs to be indoors or tented
for next august or september
quality of food is paramount
for 140-150 people
any suggestions?


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  1. Any particular part of Jersey? We had our reception at the Liberty House, you can't beat the views

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    1. re: roro1831

      more central n.j.

      although any place that looked "contemporary' and served great food would be good.

      Natirar - we hear that the food is great (OME Caterers) but the place is being renovated or torn down and rebuilt next year

      will check our PNC Reception center & Graycliff

      1. re: eatinman

        Check out Maritime Parc in Jersey City too, right next door to Liberty House.

        Pretty sure the owner is the head chef so they place a huge emphasis on the food. They have a restaurant there as well so you could try the food beforehand - a lot of the restaurant menu overlaps with the choices for the wedding.

        Very modern and great views too.

    2. We had ours at the PNC Reception Center, which is catered by Merrimakers. The food was excellent - people still talk about it (I'm not kidding). I highly recommend it.

      1. Mansion at Natirar in Raritan (get it?).

        Ashford Estate in Allentown.

        Mallard Island on one of the Barrier Islands to LBI.

        I pretty much despise "wedding food", but these are solid spots. Though, I didn't pay for the events and I have a feeling they were not cheap.

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        1. re: MGZ

          Mallard Island Yacht Club, Bonnet Island Estate, and The Stateroom, all within a couple miles of each other, are all great choices. The Stateroom is the most "indoor" of these, and the least costly. I've had food from all three. Can't really go wrong. Merrimakers caters BIE and TS. Taste Catering does MIYC.

        2. The Graycliff in Moonachie (near the meadowlands) is wonderful. They have great food and service and they are less expensive than the other places in the area that have the same quality.

          1. Seen a few venues that might work
            anybody have serious foodie opinions of these?

            Maplewood Country Club
            Shackamaxon Country Club


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            1. re: eatinman

              If you are looking in that neck of the woods, you could contact Ursino and see about having them cater it


              However, you might as well do the event right at Ursino itself, which has elegant contemporary decor and a dramatic curved staircase.

              The food I ate at Ursino was excellent.

              1. re: barberinibee

                I'm recently were you there? I had lunch there last summer and while I loved the way the menu read and thought the place itself was lovely, the service was pretty sad and there were basic issues like (WAY) overdressed salads. I've heard the same thing from others who went later last year. Have they worked out the kinks?

                Eatinman, my friends have had a couple of parties at the Maplewood CC and have always been happy with the food (they're members)...

                1. re: Curlz

                  Curiz, I was there in the last 2 weeks of May 2013, twice (for two separate meals: one lunch, one dinner).

                  I would agree that the salads are overdressed especially for me, who prefers a drizzle of olive oil and salt only -- but I would not describe them as WAAY overdressed, given the norm. But it is good you bring it up, because that is negotiable with the server.

                  However, the salads were not so overdressed as to obliterate the quality and tastiness of the fundamental ingredients, and I was impressed with the flavor and finesse of all the dishes I ordered, from appetizers to dessert.

                  I sort of quail at recommending any venue too strongly for a wedding, because it is such a special occasion. But when the OP wrote that food was a major consideration, it wanted to put Ursino into the mix because after too long a time visiting the tri-state area (I used to live there but now live in Italy), Ursino's produced the best quality food I ate while traveling in the USA, and my New Jersey-resident dining companions were very vocal about how much they enjoyed their food.

                  1. re: barberinibee

                    That's great to hear, barberinibee--thanks! I'll have to give it another shot.