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May 26, 2013 10:54 AM

Need cheap hot weather desserts--help!

So the graduation party I thought I didn't have to have is on after all. Blue Ribbon BBQ will be catering the food, we are doing the drinks, and now I need a local bakery to supply some reasonably priced, not too perishable desserts. The weather the day of the party is supposed to be hot; otherwise, I'd just order some mini-cupcakes from Cake. Who in the Lexington area does inexpensive cookies, brownies, bars, etc.? Am I better off just going to Market Basket or Costco? (Have already spent more than I should have on tent, tables, chairs, decorations, invitations, food and haven't even made the first college tuition payment yet!)

I hate store bought desserts, but this party is for a bunch of teenagers, who will eat anything, and a few younger kids and parents.

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  1. Costcos and Bjs definitely has some budget friendly options. I use to host a large July 4 party on a boat each year and was surprised at how inexpensive the rolls were there. I could get about 2 dozen for about $3.00! I've gotten cookie platters, brownies, etc when I didn't have enough time to bake them myself. They were pretty good.

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      second BJ's. The chocolate chunk cookies ( 3 dozen for $6.99) are a STEAL. They are bakery style - very large and full of semi sweet chunks. Also have black and white cookies that are good, and a brownie assortment (two dozen or so) for $7.99 and loads of other options that are the best of "store bought". The cookies have passed for homemade - they are that good. Cakes are good too with real cream frosting (perishable) but really good cake for cheap money.

    2. You could also check out Russo's if you have time. Some of their stuff is made with shortening, which I really don't love in most desserts, but some desserts are made with butter and are pretty good. They probably are a little pricier than Costco, but not much.

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        As much as I adore Russo's on every other front, I find their bakery desserts uniformly awful. Everything just seems too sweet and cheaply made.

        Honestly, going to Market Basket, BJs or Costco probably *is* your best bet if you want this done on the cheap. Isn't there another recent thread talking about how surprisingly good the MB chocolate chip cookies are?

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          I forgot that Market Basket has upped the quality of their desserts. That's a good suggestion. It's hard to beat Market Basket prices any time.