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May 26, 2013 10:03 AM

London - Seriously good Syrian pistachio ice-cream at Damas Rose, Edgware Road

I trekked up Edgware Road the other day to seek out Damas Rose, which reputedly served the *best* booza al-haleb - stretchy, gummy pistachio ice-cream - outside of Damascus. And considering that many of us wouldn't be planning to visit Syria anytime soon, this is as close as we can get to a taste of the real thing.

Return visit on Saturday - when it comes to syrup-laden filo-pastry-based desserts, Damas Rose also has the works: from buttery-sweet baklava to burma (whole pistachios wrapped in vermicelli-like sugary strands; fat, glistening crescent-shaped kataif; creamy-sweet kenafeh topped with chopped pistachios, etc.

Very friendly couple of guys running the place.

Address details
Damas Rose Deli
121B Edgware Road
London W2 2HX

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  1. I went here in the afternoon yesterday, but apparently the Syrian ice-cream is only available in the morning! Alas.

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    1. re: themaneats

      Only for that day perhaps! They probably sold out over the long weekend, and asked you to come back the next day for a new one?

      I first had the pistachio ice-cream there last Tue evening, around 7.30-ish, as it was after dinner at Mandalay (Burmese restaurant) up the road.

      When I returned there on Sat, 3.45pm, there was a fresh roll just waiting to be cut and served.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Ah, great! I was hoping this was the case. I can only really get there after work. He said only in the mornings, but I think meant what you say.

        I'm heading back to Heron this week (unless I'd be a fool to miss Mandalay?) so will drop in afterwards.

        1. re: themaneats

          You should do the Heron! Forget about Mandalay.

          1. re: klyeoh

            Finally got some of this ice-cream, on my third visit! Well worth the wait, as it was delicious. They've tweaked the prices up though, £3 for a small scoop so maybe we've caused a flood of visitors.

            1. re: themaneats

              Oh, no! Upped their prices?!

              Anyway, glad to hear that you've finally got your booza fix :-)

    2. Interesting article by Agence France Presse on Syrian booza:

      1. hello! I'm so happy to find this website! I went to London several months ago and I forget the name of that desert! Do you know what is it called, the white cake with pistacchio on top of it? My friend figured that it is mahalabiya but it looks different. Thank you so much!!