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May 26, 2013 09:42 AM

Gramercy/W Village this Saturday @6PM

Looking for nice fish prep AND fresh (preferably) pasta around 14th St locale. @ $100 for 2, 1 with wine. Considered Paul & Jimmy's, Le Midi, Bocca


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  1. I've never heard of any of the restaurants you considered. What do you like about them? On another day of the week, I might suggest Crispo, but it will be excessively loud and crowded on a Saturday, and that's a problem you're likely to come across in many places. You could consider Malatesta.

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      Never been to any of them - only 'know' them by menu's online and Yelp reviews (which can be tricky)

    2. Recommend Le Zie at 20th and 7th.

      1. Wife and I met at Da Andrea (35W/13th) one night and found it to be a great local spot. Very reasonable pricing in both food and wine.

        1. Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place... I met a friend there a few times for drinks and the lasagna there was quite good. They have several fish items on the menu. Friend who goes there often says everything is very good and very fresh.