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May 26, 2013 08:00 AM

wall oven I regret getting one it is overheating my kitchen

I was wondering if this is a common experience/mistake.
I used to have a slide-in oven. Gas range and gas convection oven.
I switched during a reno to a gas cook top and an electric wall oven (built into my lower cabinet)

Now I realized that built-in ovens actively kick out heat even when not on convection mode. A lot. Constantly in fact. I find in the winter and when my cooler kitchen needs heating up it's ok but when baking in warmer weather, I can't make icing in my kitchen because it is too hot while the baking is happening and some time after.
Also after I turn off the oven, it kicks out heat for a long time afterwards.
It's noisy and I hate it.

I am really bummed. I should never have invested in a built-in oven.
Unless there is something wrong with my new kitchenaid built-in, I wanted to warn other renovators that wall ovens kick out heat actively with a fan potentially all the time, not emit it passively like a slide in oven does.

I wish I had known.
oh well,
thanks and best

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  1. I think that varies brand to brand and even model to model. I had a brand previously that threw a tremendous amount of heat out, but my Electrolux does not. The fan is not loud and it turns off when the oven goes off. I'm not sure why your oven wouldn't throw heat out when it was in convection. Is the door hot to touch? You might have KA out to look at it and make sure it is installed correctly, that it is working properly and that the fit and finish are right, especially the door and that the insulation is right. This is not something that pertains to all built in ovens.

    1. I'm reading your post to mean that you used to have a free-standing range and that having a wall oven is a new experience for you. It sounds like your wall oven cavity is not properly vented.

      1. I had a Kitchenaide "pro line" convection oven built into a "wall/cabinet". On self clean, it would heat things up but, other then that it was well insulated and I didn't notice any more heat then I would with my old school stove/oven.

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        1. re: Sid Post

          Yes - I just installed a Kitchenaid double convection wall oven - no problem with heat except some on self clean. I think venting should help

          1. re: kagemusha49

            Yep, sounds like Idas installer didn't do a good job. I wonder if it was vented or properly insulated.

        2. thanks everyone. I will check with KitchenAid.
          The door and the counter are totally cool.
          It's the blower at the base that is always one.
          Whether I select convection cooking or normal baking.
          It blows whether it is preheating, baking or when I power it off and it is cooling down.
          It blows heat ACTIVELY via the fan below the oven itself.
          I wanted to reference this thread stating "all" new wall ovens vent into the room which suprised people renovating who used to have their wall oven vent outdoors.

          I know the thing has to let air escape, passively like my last gas oven, it just makes me nuts to have the blower kick in all the time.

          I assumed it was just the way the unit keeps from over heating the cabinetry. It's new so I will call KA in the morning to see what's up.

          I hope it's just a setting. Fingers crossed.
          thanks for reminding me to contact them!

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          1. re: Idas

            When I said I installed a KitchenAid perhaps I should have added that I did all the work myself. The oven DOES vent into the kitchen. Still, there will be heat conduction into the cavity and that won't get vented out with the KitchenAid vent - it might still help to have some venting from the top of the cavity or even just open some of the drywall behind the oven

          2. The problem sounds more like an insulation issue.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Just to be clear: it's a built-in WALL oven installed in my lower cabinet. It is not releasing heat passively as a normal slide in oven does.

              The counter is cool. The door is cool.

              My issue is that the unit uses the blower to cool the cabinetry all the time. ALL THE TIME.

              I hear the fan during non-convection cooking. I hear it when it's shut off to cool down.

              I wanted a convection oven that I can use or not if I want to avoid the noise if I am having a conversation in the kitchen while cooking.
              I can't stand the sound of whirring fan noise. It is substantial. All the other convection ovens I have had in the past did not run a fan when in non-convection mode.

              Furthermore, the built-in oven blower fan beneath it really make the kitchen feel hotter by many degrees than a normal oven leaking heat passively.

              I am going to speak with Sears to see if they'll take it back.

              1. re: Idas

                It is unusual to have the fan all the time. Also, I believe the fan is to only use to circulate the air inside the oven. The fan is not supposed to transmit heat outside of the oven. Good luck, and let us know what the Sears customer service thinks.