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May 26, 2013 07:47 AM

DC pizza and tapas

I'm currently in DC for a conference and will be here until Thursday. I've been trying to figure out the local recommendations for pizza and tapas, but the pizza discussions I can find are old, and when I think of tapas, I think of Jaleo, but I've been there and would like to try something new. Are there any coal fired pizza places? If not, which wood fired place do you recommend?

As always, I appreciate the help. Fwiw we're staying downtown, but we can take the metro for good food.

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  1. I'm personally partial to Matchbox on the pizza front. They have a wood fired oven and the pizza has been consistently good whenever I've been there. They'll also let you do half and half of their specialty pizzas if you want to try multiples!

    I like Jaleo for tapas, but it's been quite a while since I've been.

    1. For wood fired pies, I would recommend Matchbox, 2 Amys, Seventh Hill and Paradiso (not necessarily in that order).

      For coal fired pies, your best bet is probably Pi.

      1. My favorite pizza in dc is il Canale in G'town, followed by 2 Amys.

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          After years and year of being thrilled with the margherita at 2 Amys, I am now faced with the fact that the last two pizzas I had there were not just disappointing, but really bad. All the negative things I've heard finally came true for me. I realize these things can be cyclical, but since I have much better near me, I think i'll let it go for a long while.

          In DC, I would say Red Rocks for pizza, though it's been a while for me.

          The burrata pizza at Pupatella in Arlington is now hands down my favorite and worth traveling for.

          The usual suspects for Spanish tapas aside from Jaleo are Estadio, Bar Pilar, (both good). and the NYC-based outpost, Boqueria which I've never been to.

          Jaleo has revamped their menu since you've last been, BTW Some dishes are new and some old standards are given a different twist. I highly recommend the quail with rosemary sauce, the patatas bravas, and the mini-hamburguesa.

          1. re: Steve

            Second Pupatella. As for 2 Amys, I can't think of a better location for burnt pizza soup.

        2. Pizza: Pete's New Haven

          1. Graffiato on 6th between G&H. Small plates mostly Italian and wood-fired pizza. Proseco on tap. Really good food.