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Sage or e?

I'm coming in for a few days. I've got a reservation with friends at LOS. I have one other free dinner, eating solo. I've narrowed to down (with reservations) to Sage or e by Jose Andres. Which should I take?

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  1. Definitely go to é by Jose Andres.

    1. That's easy. E.
      Nothing like it!

      1. e, by a mile. No comparison.

        1. Yeah, it's é.

          Dunno how this is even a serious question.

          1. I was at e a few days ago...Go there but go hungry-lots of food.

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                Please report back! There have been surprisingly few reviews from Chowhounds lately.

            1. Hi, did you go to e? Looking for recent reviews, and also trying to find out the cost. Thanks!

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                I did go, and really enjoyed it. There's a recent review on Yelp that's pretty good, photos of dishes (mine were only about half the same). http://www.yelp.com/biz/%C3%A9-by-jos... I had more in common with the third review. lots of photos.
                I think with a wine pairing it came to around $300.
                For me it was worth it, a fun evening with other hounds from around the country.

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                  I ate at e about a year ago. It was one of the more fun meals in my life. Total cost was over $300 - but a lot of that was booze. I think the cost of the dinner was $195.

                  The setting of it is brilliant, a small room that seats 8 off of the main dining area in Jaleo. And the food was totally outrageous - truffle flavored cotton candy covered in gold, fois gras with tangerine sauce and chocolate, etc. Posted some photos of my trip. Have fun!