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May 26, 2013 06:25 AM

Chinese BBQ and Pork Dumplings

Hey, need a little help. I have a friend visiting from Europe to whom I have been going on about Chinese BBQ pork and pork dumplings. She is visiting and I want to provide the right experience.

The BBQ pork I have been raving about is that from Vin Sun, I usually get it during the day to go. I notice that in the evenings the roast stuff in the window gets taken down, can one still order it? I usually get something that I think is called something like "honey roasted pork", it is a boneless cut that is long and rectangular, does anyone know what it is? It's *delicious*.

The pork dumplings I have been raving about are ones I prepare myself buying them at C-mart, so I suspect I have a lot of upside here.

If we want to eat both where should we go? What should we order? I live downtown so Chinatown proper works, not looking to travel.

Your help, as always, is appreciated.

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  1. What do you mean by pork dumplings sometimes called mini juicy buns on menus?? is it xiao long bao pork dumplings with lots of juice in them?

    If they are it seems dumpling cafe and gourmet dumpling house, tawain cafe get a lot of love on this board for them, don't remember if they also have roast pork on the menu, but that should be easy for you to find out.

    Or you could do a two stop crawl.

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      Hi LC. I suppose I should say "ravioli" like the "Peking Ravioli" in a lot of American Chineses places. I steam then fry them until the outside is brown/crisp.

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        For those I like China King, but they don't have your roast pork, but if you plan 24 hours ahead you can get their peking duck :) and rice cakes.

    2. I would also recommend planning ahead and taking your friend for the 3-course peking duck at China King - not something a run of the mill Chinese restaurant does as well, even if they do offer peking duck on their menu.

      The dumplings you buy at the market are definitely more like peking ravioli. For something different, go to Dumpling Cafe for their soup dumplings (xiao long bao). Steamed, and their skin is more delicate. Better than GDH and TC, in my opinion.

      The honey roast pork you are talking about is char siu. Roast pork (siu yook) is the version with the crispy skin. Usually when they are gone from the window at the end of the day, they are sold out. If you really want to have some, you can plan to buy ahead during the early hours and have at home, or plan to take your friend to lunch. Vin Sun is probably just as good as any, but char siu isn't my favorite so I don't know of a 'best of' place. Most places have their specialties, so if you want a superlative version of both, I don't think you'll find it in one restaurant.

      With that being said - is your friend from an area of Europe where this is not available? My experience is limited, but I know many larger European cities have Chinatowns that often have similar items (and in some cases, possibly better if they have a large overseas Chinese community like London).

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        kobuta, that's very helpful, thanks. She's English but lives in France on the Swiss border, so lots to eat but not a lot of Asian choices.

      2. Lucky's in Dorchester has excellent Chinese barbecue - Kantin in Super 88 food court does very well also if Vin Sun is out. I love the soup and other dumplings from JoJo Taipei but the board lists several favorites for take-home dumplings, including frozen by the bag of 50, which seem like worthwhile investments.

        1. I think some folks on here, as well as one of my non-CH friends, like Quick Pic (or however it's spelled) for roast meats.

          1. For the pork, tons of restaurants in Chinatown have it. They are all pretty similar. To name a few in my order of preference:
            Quic Pic, Wai Wai, Hong Kong Eatery, Best BBQ, China Pearl Cafe.