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May 26, 2013 03:51 AM

Hemingway, Cascais

Looking for a lunch spot in Cascais one Sunday. Hemmingway is a possibility but I'm not sure what's on offer. I know there's a buffet brunch, is that the only option or is there a lunch menu as well?

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  1. I would be very surprised if they served anything else than the brunch on Sundays. Why don't you ask them directly:

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    1. re: monchique

      I did just that, in English, as unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese. The reply is ambiguous, it could either mean brunch is only available on Sunday i.e. it isn't served during the week (which is true as they only open for dinner then) or that only brunch is served on Sunday!
      I think you're probably right though, monchique, and as I don't want brunch, I'll go elsewhere.

    2. Have you thought of "Claro"?
      Not quite Cascais, but not too far either. It is considered as the best table in the area. Have to book though...
      I see on their website that they have a specia menu of "cozido" for Saturday and Sunday lunches.

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      1. We had a fantastic dinner at Hemingway when we visited Cascais last year. The food was absolutely wonderful, the service spot on and the setting was second to none being right on the water.