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May 26, 2013 03:05 AM

North Square near the Park

Just had a great dinner at North Square last night. A quaint little place situated on the NW of Washington Square Park. Able to grab a last minute reservation at 7 (though they didn't seem crowded at all). We started with a dozen oysters sampled ala carte off the menu, split a bottle of Barolo, and the wife had the Scallops w/ quinoa/spinach and I had the Atlantic Char. I'm always a little leary of the Scallops but nothing to be worried about here. Both were excellent! I thought the servers were a little young (NYU students) and inexperienced but there wasn't any mishaps to be fussed over. We sat up near the front so was able to see a little of the park. And with the slight chill in the air during this bizarre weather season, it was down right cozy (all that was missing was a fire place!). Definitely worth a look for a quiet cozy meal.

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