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May 25, 2013 10:40 PM

Can you use oil mister to spray hot sauce?


So my obsession with trying different liquids in oil misters started when I got horribly bored with air-popped popcorn, but didn't want to add loads of fat - even "healthy ones" to my popper to get some flavor. I mixed some olive oil and rice vinegar into one of my spray oil misters, gave the popcorn a couple of shots, and it really worked out well. I've played with some other vinegars, and they seemed to work out OK as well.

So my SO, who wanted something with more heat, was wondering what would happen if we mixed some olive oil with Cholula. For my mister, I'm using an acrylic sprayer I got from the Container Store, which worked fine with my other mixtures. The hot sauce-olive oil mix seemed to do something to the acrylic sprayer, and I can't seem to get it to work anymore - I've tried cleaning it pretty thoroughly, and that doesn't seem to do the trick.

So before I repeat this experiment with one of my more expensive Prepara misters, I was wondering whether any one might know of a reason this wouldn't work. For example, when I poured a bit of the Cholula out on a plate, it seems to have tiny particles of what I think are chiles in it, and I was wondering whether those particles were clogging the misting mechanism. Or maybe the acrylic sprayer just isn't a particularly good oil mister. Or something else?

Any comments about this would be appreciated. TIA.


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  1. It clearly isn't going to work for anything with solids in it, which will clog the apparatus. I expect it would work with something like hot sesame oil.

    1. <I was wondering whether those particles were clogging the misting mechanism. >

      I think that's it.

      If you must use chili pepper oil, then (1) either find a filtered chili oil, or (2) use a regular sprayer with larger opening (not a mist sprayer).

      1. You might be able to do an oil/vinegar mixture in the mister, then sprinkle some cayenne, garlic powder, and salt on the popcorn immediately afterwards.

        Something else I would be careful with is the oil going rancid in the mister. I would suggest using only a little bit of oil in those at a time.

        1. Thanks all for the helpful responses - I'm going to try some hot sesame or chili oil, which I believe my SO will really enjoy.

          thanks again!