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May 25, 2013 08:08 PM

Sprouting mung beans at home?

Does anyone sprout, say mung beans or alfalfa seeds at home? If so, are you careful to ensure hygenic seeds, somehow(?). Do you use the mason jar / screen top method? Any tips and sources for a newbie? (Plenty of "good" info is on youtube & google, but I'd like to hear from some fellow CHers). Thank You

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  1. Love, love, love sprouting. I've written three way-too-long replies and erased. I've sprouted everything I could get my hands on.

    So first a couple of seed sources:
    - -- best germination rates I've had
    - -- Mumm's, Canadian co. with US shipping div
    - Whole Foods bulk bins - no green leafies but grains and beans

    Organic seeds from reliable sources are best. No garden seeds that might be coated with fungicides/pesticides.

    Mason jars are okay, not my fave. Different seeds need different sprouters. Can buy, or make own from takeout/food containers. Great starter: Easy Sprout.

    How-to: 's website is a book unto itself, they give full, detailed instructions on each seed. I belong to their Yahoo chat group, and have worked my way through the archives that have a wealth of info.

    Basics are a soak to start, then rinse/drain at least twice a day. Seeds vary in time needed. Mungs like pressure/weight to get fat.

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      Wow, thanks! You've given me a lot to get exploring with, here.
      PS--Do you soak your seeds in dilute bleach, or is that step 'being paranoid.'

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      1. I've been sprouting at home for 20 years. I used to buy the seeds at the local co op and now I buy from I started out using a quart canning jar and the plastic screen lid set. You use a different size screen depending on the seed. I also have the Easy Sprout. But my favorite device is the SproutMaster trays. It's great to be able to sprout different things at the same time and I love that they grow upright.

        I would never soak my seeds in dilute bleach. I do use my filtered water from my Berkey for soaking.

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          The SproutMaster trays are terrific also, I agree. The seeds love them, and you can grow microgreens in them. (Sprouts = eat the whole tiny plant; microgreens = trim off and eat the leafy part, compost the roots.)

          And no need for bleach.

        2. I grow all manner of sprouts. The sprout people website is a good place to do business.

          I don't care about hygiene that much and would not ever put bleach on my seeds.

          1. I've decided to make a real effort and learn how to "successfully" sprout seeds and start growing micro greens. There's a wealth of info on the sites listed here. Any others?

            What are your favorites to sprout? Are some easier, healthier, tastier than others? I'm especially interested in growing micro greens. Please lead me in some direction... there's way too many to choose from. TIA

            Johnny's Selected Seeds is another excellent source for organic seeds, trays, etc. Been using them for years.

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              I really love the Sprout People site linked in an earlier response. They have "mixes" of seeds like spicy salad, hot sprout, oriental greens, etc. I actually don't sprout single varieties anymore because the mixes are super tasty.

              You could look at the mixes they list on their website and make your own based on the types of seeds :)