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May 25, 2013 08:05 PM

Brunch in NOVA, near Tysons?

Hi all,
Tomorrow morning a friend and I are making the trek out to Tysons for some shopping and we were wondering if you had any brunch recommendations for the area. We could brunch in DC (from where we are departing), but since we're going out there, figured I'd cast a net. Yelp is only recommending Bob Evans and Denny's, but there's got to be more!


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  1. Got money and appetite? Nearly every hotel out there has an expensive brunch buffet. Or is that not what you were looking for?

    1. Not exactly sure what you are looking for but Chef Geoff's (outside the mall) and Coastal Flats and Seasons 52 (inside the mall) will be better than those you mentioned.

      1. There's a Clyde's in Tysons too. Not my favorite Clyde's but should be ok for brunch.

        1. Dear God, why?! Tysons should be avoided at all costs. Do your shopping in Georgetown and brunch at the Four Seasons.

          1. There's Cafe Deluxe, or you could zip down Gallows Rd or the Beltway to Merrifield and go to Silver Diner. Also, there's a decent bagel place across Rt. 7.