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May 25, 2013 07:40 PM

roast suckling pig for wedding

Hi everyone,

we are having our wedding in Sheraton Parkway in Richmond Hill and they are allowing us to bring in a roast suckling pig separate from the buffet. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to where we can order a suckling pig to bring in and also how much pig we would need for a 160 people wedding as an appetizer?

Thanks for your help

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  1. If it's on a weekend you can try Peaktop Restaurant at First Markham Place. But we only got 1 pig from them for our chinese new year party awhile back and it fed easily 20-25 people. I think it was about $110 for one piglet.

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      Even piglet differs in size. The optimum is 6 weeks! When I attended the wedding of my cousin at Casa Victoria a few months back. Each round table of 11-12 guests has its own 'whole piglet'. We ( 11 of us ) devour the whole piglet!! ie Skin and the meast! Better check with B-B-Q place the size of piglet they intend to use!

      As for place. Agree with Royaljelly! Peaktop is a good reliable source. Other close by place is John's B-B-Q ( find their price a bit steeper than their competitor ) or Excellent inside Richlane Mall ( Leslie and 16th )

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        Thanks so much for the suggestions, I have called Peaktop and they seem to be able to accommodate apart from the delivery process. Hopefully people don't eat too too much! I'm not too sure how many to buy and the Peaktop owner didn't want to commit. She said that some families of 4 would even devour 1/2 of a pig themselves!

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          Charles - any suggestions on places closer to downtown Toronto to order a suckling pig from? My friend's having a birthday party and wants to order a suckling pig to feed 30 people. I had pig from E-Pan that was amazing the first time but not so great the second and third. Help!

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            Sorry! I'm not that familiar with 'take-out' suckling piglet in the downtown area. May be someone like Aser can help?
            Another suggestion is to give a place like Crown Princess a call.
            Good Luck!!

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              Will try to poke Aser. Having eaten very good pig and very mediocre pig, may drive up to Peaktop to save myself the hassle of very mediocre pig!

      2. For 160 people, ideally you would need 16 pigs, one for each table. That would be a typical course for a traditional banquet wedding. However, for a buffet, you could do away with a few less.

        For a buffet style setup, you may consider medium pigs. I ordered one from Ho Ho BBQ ( for my wedding and my family thought it was simply unbelievable. Our wedding was at Emperor and the medium pig from Ho Ho was in my opinion better than the suckling pig from Emperor. The one from Emperor was delicious, but Ho Ho edged it out.

        Medium pigs are obviously more mature doesn't possess the same characteristics of the suckling pig, but in my opinion, based on my sole experience, I would not hesitate ordering from Ho Ho again. BTW, they also do suckling pigs there as well, which I have not tried myself, but if it's as good as their medium pigs, you are in good hands.

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          Thanks everyone for their reply. We ended up getting 6 suckling pigs from Peaktop and they were fabulous. We had 150 people at the end and we ended up having one whole pig to bring home. Peaktop was very professional in terms of packaging the pigs for the wedding. They have no delivery so one of my friend picked them up. however it fitted very well for the buffet and we were happy that we went with Peak top

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            Glad it worked out for you. Only 6 for 150 people? Haha...I guess me and my family are big eaters because that would not nearly be enough.