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May 25, 2013 05:38 PM

Taste of China--good food; not nice to old ladies!

Tonight an old woman was waiting inside for Wheel Trans and because the restaurant was busy, they made her sit outside in the cold for over an hour. Customers waiting for service were appalled that restaurant staff though putting table clothes on her was sufficient. She was frozen.

Not going back there any time soon.

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      1. re: happycamper

        Yes. She ate dinner there and then waited for her transport.

      2. 'Hospitality Service'???!!! My foot!!
        This type of behaviour and action by the restaurant staff is inexcusable!!!
        WE SHOULD BOYCOTT EATING THERE!! Or at least leave a 'complain note' instead of tips, if by chance we do eat there!!

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        1. Eh, I would be crying foul if the restaurant was empty and they wouldn't let her stay. Personally I think you're overreacting. It was late May and while it WAS cooler no one was "freezing."

          And for the love of god please don't go out to eat (there, or anywhere) with the intention of already stiffing the server on the tip. Don't make the waitstaff pay for what was probably a management decision. It's a d*ck move.

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          1. re: ramenramen

            I'm sure you're right that it was management.

            As for being cold, yeah, it was cold if you're a senior and have to sit outside without moving (which was the case for senior due to mobility issues). It was probably around 15 degrees max at the time she was out there. There's a reason she was covered in tablecloths.

            That is not an ethical (forget good manners or good service) way to treat a customer.

          2. Seems odd to mean. I thought there was a "respect of elders" culture in most Asian countries. (well, everywhere in the world, but, in particular in China?) If the lady needed "table clothes" to keep warm they should have found a spot for her to wait. I am sure other waiting customers wouldn't have minded waiting outside in exchange for an elderly woman having a spot inside somewhere. Did the waiting customers show their displeasure? If they insisted she wait outside and she was indeed uncomfortable/ didn't want to be there then I probably would have left after trying to request her to come inside if they rejected the idea.

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            1. re: ylsf

              I didn't see all of it. I know a couple customers who were waiting expressed concerns and tried to help though I don't think anyone went to management and expressed that displeasure.