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May 25, 2013 05:11 PM

Late Night Panzarotti - West End

I have guests coming to town on Tuesday and they have their hearts set on Amico's panzerotti. To my chagrin, it's CLOSED on Tuesdays.

The plan was to order delivery after the concert (midnight-ish).

I suppose if worse come to worst, we can try to get to Bitondo's before it closes, or the Dip as a last resort. But, delivery is far more preferable.

Any suggestions for places on par with Amico's and Bitondo's that deliver to the Royal York and Queensway area?

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  1. Fresca has delicious panza and delivers after midnight.

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    1. re: happycamper

      They seem pretty far from me, but I guess with Just Eat they might deliver here. Too bad they don't have a create your own option for the panz. None of the ones on the menu grab me.

      Thanks for the reco though. If we decide to eat downtown, this will be an option.