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May 25, 2013 03:53 PM

Is there a place in Chinatown to get turtle soup (or any style)?

That's it. Looking where in Chinatown, in any of the boroughs, where at a restaurant I can get turtle soup. Any kind of turtle. Also, doesn't have to be soup, could be whatever kind of preparation, but my understanding is soup is the most popular.

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  1. Used to get it at Yuen Yuen on Bayard St. There must be plenty of others.

    1. Fuleen Seafood has it, occasionally served with accompanying wink-wink jokes about what (they believe) it does for male virility.

      1. OK, a Fukien restaurant on 40th Rd. in Flushing has several turtle dishes. So does Xia Men Xiao Guan, also on 40th Rd. It has an English menu, too; I don't know if OK does. The turtle in Chinese is called either "armor fish" or (strangely enough!) "water fish".

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          What was the name of that Fukienese place in Flushing, either in English or Chinese? Thanks!

          1. re: diprey11

            diprey11, I can't find my namecard from the Fujian place but it is next door to Traditional Hunan Style Restaurant at 135-23 40th Road (between Prince and Main Streets).

            1. re: diprey11

              Two places on 40th Rd., both Fukienese: One is named "OK", the other Xia Men Xiao Guan" (Xiamen is a city in Fukien, Xiao Guan means basically little restaurant). I like both places and both have several turtle options.

              1. re: swannee

                Does one of those places have live turtles in a tank in the window? I walked by such a place in Flushing a few years ago, but I haven't gotten back to find it again and try it.

                And, is Traditional Hunan Style Restaurant actually a traditional Hunan style restaurant?

                1. re: KWagle

                  Yes, Tradtional Hunan Style Restaurant has many traditonal Hunan dishes.


          2. Congee Village also has turtle soup.