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Jan 31, 2003 03:49 PM

Austin's Hudson on the Bend Review?

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Got $100 gift certificate for this place and wonder if anyone has anything recomendation on ordering? Thanks!

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  1. Hmmm.....for $100 you can get an appetizer and a glass of water.

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      Howard Coone

      I would suggest the Hill Country Antipasto Plate For Two app, Tenderloin of Beef and Crunchy Ruby Trout entrees. That will take care of your hundred bucks...


      1. I love the apple/onion stuffed duck! Also, there's a fish dish that's dredged in nuts and topped with a multi-herb sauce, can't remember the name, but also very good.

        You know what I'd do with that coupon if I were you? I'd call up Jeff and see if you can't use it for one of his cooking classes out at his house this spring. Truly worth every cent. His house is nothing short of spectacular; he serves you a wine and gives you a tour. You watch the class out in his back yard overlooking the lake, you learn a main, two sides, an appetizer and a dessert and then you sit outside and eat all of it with your fellow classmates (I had two more meals off the leftovers), all served by waitstaff and served with wine. Really fab experience.

        Here's the next class:

        February 9, 2003
        Valentine's Day Class
        "Eat Your Heart Out David"
        Hot 'n Crunchy Oysters on Sesame Crisps with Mango Salsa and Spice Ancho Paint
        Fresh Hearts of Palm with Artichoke Hearts in a Key West Lime Herb Vinaigrette
        Pheasant in Papiote Mexicano-Chocolate and Chili Mole steamed in a Heart Shaped Parchment Pouch with Pheasant atop Avocado Leaves
        Passion Fruit Banana Mango Flambé

        1. I have killed, prepared and eaten more species of North American game then I can remember. Applying conventional and not so conventional recipes to game is a very difficult task. Hudson's does this to perfection. If you can appreciate the finer textures and more complex flavors of wild game, then this will be a wonderful experience. Don't narrow your choices until after you see what is on the menu. About the cost ... don't be cheap. Don't be afraid to dig into your own wallet. If you want cheap meat eat cat food. Game is naturally more expensive and these guys deserve every dollar they make. All you have to do is compare the pricing to one of those oh so nifty large steak knife steak houses. Give me a break. Finally, as a traveler, I dine out over 900 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners) each year, and I can say that Hudson's tops the list.