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May 25, 2013 11:19 AM

Cinchona bark

Does anyone know where to by cinchona bark in Portland?

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  1. You read the NYer as well... ;-D

    1. Not Portland alas, but a good source of chipped, or cut Cinchona bark ( Cinchona Succirubra ) in North America: Philadelphia PA (215) 637-herb

      If you are making a custom Tonic syrup using your own recipe, you can use either the powder or bark chips. I prefer the chips ( less mess ).

      1. Actually the NYT not the Nyer. Health Village has better prices than Penn Herb, but I'll keep the latter for future reference. I was hoping to be able to buy some close by and not pay for shipping. Thanks!

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          If you find a good local source in Portland, let us know.

          Penn posting charges are minimal.

          1. re: SWISSAIRE

            Their posting charges may be minimal, but their bark prices are twice as much as Healthy Villages. I'll keep looking...

            1. re: EllenSS


              The reason I suggest Penn is consistent good quality.

              I make my own Tonic syrup, and tea from the bark. I've purchased some bark at other suppliers, especially powder that was significantly less than 100 %.

              One health store did not know they carried the product when I found it on the shelf, or even how long they had it in stock. Despite it's origin in the Highlands of Peru, it is now grown in Africa ( DRC ), Indonesia, or South America ( Brasil, Bolivia, Peru ).

              1. re: SWISSAIRE

                Maybe we should see about growing some in a greenhouse here!

                1. re: EllenSS

                  Sure. You could start a tree farm !

        2. The original comment has been removed