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May 25, 2013 10:56 AM


Whenever I make pancakes these days, I use the recipe for Fluffy Pancakes from The New Best Recipe. I don't really eat them, but my son and his friends seem to enjoy them a lot. Recently, I was in Williams-Sonoma, and I happened to buy a Pancake Pen to use in filling cupcake tins with batter. It worked really well for that since it was very easy to standardize the size of the cupcakes since I could control the batter going in very easily. I pulled the Pancake Pen out today and filled it with the pancake batter. Again, it was really easy to control the size of the pancakes, and I made them a lot smaller than I usually do. This improved them so much. I usually find pancakes are sort of soggy, but the smaller pancakes were perfect -- really crispy on the outside with a meltingly tender inside. I recommend this pancake pen wholeheartedly!

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  1. I wonder how it compares to much cheaper items like these condiment squeeze bottles. You get a three pack for $15, vs $9 for one at W.S.

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      We have condiment squeeze bottles, which we use for things like my husband's BBQ sauce, and the chive oil he makes. You'd have to cut down the top quite a bit to make the opening wider, which you certainly could do easily. What I like about the pancake pen is that the bottom unscrews giving you a wider mouth into which you pour the batter. It larger than a squeeze bottle, so it holds just about a full 2 cup of flour recipe, and it's got a top that effectively closes off the tip of the nozzle when you turn it upsidedown when you fill it.

    2. glad you found a toy you like..... i tend to just pour my pancakes using a little blue ladle

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        Yes, I have always used a ladle too, but now I prefer this toy. I was able to get them down faster and more uniformly with no drips on the stove.

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          I would love to get "perfect" pancakes... so I could stack them like chistmas trees and sprinkle them with powdered sugar...

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            Pour them into varying size biscuit cutters, well oiled. Like these:


            Even better if you want a Christmas tree, use star cutters:


      2. A friend of mine who runs a daycare, and therefore makes tons of pancakes, swears by using an old ketchup bottle.

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          I make small pancakes with my gravy ladle. To avoid drips, I scrape the bottom of the ladle on the rim of my mixing bowl. Low-tech, but it works really well.

        2. Thanks for the review! I got one recently - only I can't remember if it was the cupcake pen or the pancake pen (the nozzle was slightly bigger on one of them).

          I will have to drag it out and give it a test run!

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            Yes, give it a try. A very worth-while gizmo!

          2. How about putting the batter in a plastic bag and nipping off the corner? Just toss the bag once you've squeezed out all the batter.