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May 25, 2013 10:05 AM

Bar Menu

Hi All,

As a food dork I have what I consider a once in a lifetime opportunity to totally renovate a bar menu here in New Orleans. I'm posting to get feedback regarding what you all might think is missing from local bar food menus these days.

This is an exceptional neighborhood bar and a great opportunity to do something different.

So, my question is twofold: who do you feel is doing the best bar food in the GNO area today and what would you like to see on the menu the next time you walk into your favorite neighborhood joint?

Thanks for your input!!

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  1. As a neighboorhood bar, what/who are your clientele? There are those who might want basic and/or creative sliders, those who would think along the lines of tapas, those who want N.O. comfort food (gumbo, jambalaya, mini po-boys/muffs, those who want...etc.

    What are the capabilities of your kitchen as in size and equipment? Do you have a smoker? Do you expect volumn of bar eating to support cost/effort?

    1. Sylvain, Delachaise and SoBou are three that are doing things well right now. Shared food or tapas are great for a bar. One thing I love at Sylvain is that they make their own coca cola. Can’t beat their rum and cokes. But the best thing to do is make one thing that no one else is doing and make it great. The rest of your menu can suck, but everyone will go there for the........tamales......smoked duck sliders.......borscht......pasties

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        "But the best thing to do is make one thing that no one else is doing and make it great."

        I could not agree more.

      2. thanks for the input...the 'one thing well' is an axiom that the biggies all employ and i will strive to find that signature item

        I agree on SoBou and Delachaise...notsomuch on the 'gourmet hot dog' craze that has sprouted up recently...gimme a 2 buck hot dog with a garlic snap & a little creole mustard and i'm happy happy for an hour at least

        the world is my oyster on this one, I guess ~ will gladly take any/all input and welcome reviews once construction is complete ~ back to recipe testing for me!

        1. One of my favorite "bar food" dishes in town is the kale chips at Bouligny Tavern. They are the best kale chips I've ever had, salty and crispy enough to be good bar food, and I'd love to have more veggie/vegan options at bars [I eat meat, but not often]. The fries at Delachaise are great, obviously.

          I'd love to be able to get two-inch or three-inch poboy portions for bar food, especially late-night bar food. I can get sliders if I want little burgers, but it would be awesome to get mini shrimp and oyster poboys.

          My other advice would be to make sure that you have at least one really killer cheese dish. Cheese fries [with real cheese, please], nachos [ditto], something more unusual--when people go out for bar food, somebody always wants cheese.

          1. For true bar food, I think Madigan's/GB's is tough to beat. Great burgers, wings, etc. Otherwise, I think Bouligny Tavern is probably the best.

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              I've heard good things about St Lawrence, but I have not personally been