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London - Seafood lunch at Scott's, Mayfair

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Scott's in Mayfair, IMO, is the more elegant twin to J Sheekey's. Gorgeous dining room, slick, professional service all-round. Lunch today:

- Dressed crab: absolutely perfect!

- Shellfish bisque with cream and Cognac: well-balanced flavours.

- Fillet of plaice, with fried courgette flower and Proven├žale dressing: nice, but in terms of sheer flavour, I think the fish dishes at Geales (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/902481) were definitely better.

- Lobster Thermidor, served with side of chips: super-rich sauce: more creamy-buttery-rich than cheesy.

Foodwise, everything tasted pretty average. But everything taken into account - ambience, swish Mayfair crowd (hey, Nigella Lawson's on that table there), sophisticated vibe - this place really felt very special indeed.

Address details
20 Mount St
London W1K 2HE
Tel: +44 20 7495 7309

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