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May 25, 2013 09:10 AM

Chatham post Memorial Day w/ a 2 year old

Hi all-

We'll be hearding to Chatham for the first time this year with a two year old- previously been an upper cape family. I was hoping I might get some good possibilities w/ a well behaved 2 year old. Places suitable for kids but where we won't have to give her nuked frozen junk heated up....not 28 Atlantic but not McDonalds......

So far I've gathered:

Hangar B
Lazy Lobster
Arnolds in Eastham
Carmines (any good pizza spots are welcome too)
Corner Store
Chatham Pier

Any other spots- lunch/bkfast/ and esp dinner (early 5-6)

for dinners for my daughter looking for kids menus w/o frozen junk or places that can do a simple pasta w/ red sauce, chicken, simple fish fillet prep, etc....

Would also really really appreciate any recommendations for good food shopping. IS there a place I can get good meats- prime or aged steaks and organic or Bell and Evans chicken breasts?

For groceries it looks like Stop and Shop (ugh) in Harwhich or Orleans or the Shaws in Orleans- any one particularly better than the others? I've heard negative things re S&S in Harwhich....

Thanks so much in advance for your help - it's much apprecaited....

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  1. Groceries: all stop and shops and shaws are equally bad...shaws in harwich has much better produce than others. village mkt in chatham is expensive but has really good meat and bell and evans chickens and their own ground beef and steaks. I have not tried their prepared foods but they get raves from others around here. Cold cuts and cheeses are good too. Chatham cook ware on Main St is okay for coffee and scones and stuff. Chatham Bakery on Crowell is inexpensive and has really good donuts.

    1. If you're close to Orleans, Friend's Market has. Great butcher and sells Bell & Evans along with really great beef, pork, lamb and house made sausages. Go to Phoenix Fruit and Vegetable for produce, bread and pasta...

      1. You've got the beginnings of a good list, there's nothing at Arnold's that isn't equally good at Chatham Pier except a long line and some tables. If you're okay eating on the beach or side of the pier instead, I'd get your fried food fix there. Excellent lobster rolls at the pier as well! In town, there's the Squire, a rather boisterous pub on one side and family friendly restaurant on the other. Impudent Oyster puts out a nicer meal, we especially enjoy it at lunch. I wouldn't shy away from either Chatham Bars Inn or Wequassett Inn for a lunch if weather is nice. Both have outdoor terrace type eating with simple menus, decent enough food, and of course, a bit pricey due due the settings and usual clientele. Both resorts are loaded with families so you won't feel at all out of place. For pizza, it's worth a trip to eat at George's Pizza on Rte 28 in Harwich. Classic New England style Greek pan pizza that is very yummy. Easily the best I've had and I've had lots of pan style pizza.

        Sadly, prime meats don't exist on any market I've ever seen on the Cape. Forget aged prime. Your best best it to hit a Whole Foods that offers both on your way. Bell and Evans chicken is available at most markets. If I were you, I'd get off Rte 6 immediately after going over the Sagamore Bridge (exit 1) and get provisions at the Market Basket Supermarket. It's just off the highway. Can't miss it. It's miles better than Stop and Shop and Shaws in quality, selection and price. You could do fill-in shopping at the only local market in Chatham, The Village Market.

        Enjoy your time on the Cape and be sure to report back!

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          Thanks to all who replied- it's much appreciated. Looking forward to our upcoming trip....
          I would love to know a good list of restaurants in the area where a well behaved 2 year old would be ok-
          so far i have imprudent oyster, the squire, a cpl fish shacks (town pier and arnolds/macs, etc)...and one pizza night

          can anyone else recommend a place to take a 2 year old the week after labor day? willing to travel a bit- Harwich, Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Wellfleet, and Orleans all considered....