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May 25, 2013 07:43 AM

Site down May 25th 2013

For the second Saturday in a row I was unable to access Chowhound and rec'd an "Application Error" when selecting any of the CH links from

This morning the outage was hours long.

I'm using a macbook w Safari and ipad w Safari.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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  1. Yes. Macbook with Firefox.

    1. Looking at the most recent posts, up until several minutes ago there was a three hour lull between now and the last post, so I assume it was chow-wide.

      1. Yes, we had a site outage this morning, and last Saturday morning as well. Entirely different causes and a coincidence that it occurred two Saturday mornings in a row.

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          Well don't let it happen again! I'm just kidding. The whole site has been working brilliantly for me for a long time, in fact I didn't even notice last Saturday's outage. Keep up the great work, meshane...