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May 25, 2013 07:42 AM

Almond flour or meal in Portland

Thought I'd put this in a separate thread as it is specific. I know Bob's Red Mill does one we can get in Canada but it's rather coarse. Does anyone know of a finer ground one that would be readily available for us to pick up on our June visit? TIA.

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  1. check trader joe's. they carry it most of the time in the nut section. i'd call it a fairly fine grind.

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    1. re: chez cherie

      Ditto - we buy it there for Friands

    2. I have only seen the almond meal at Trader Joe's. Maybe other stores carry flour. New Seasons Markets have an almond flour in the bulk section.

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        Hmm I need to do some more research on the precise differences between meal and flour. In the meantime, thanks for the great suggestions. I'll check back in case anyone else has ideas.

      2. If you haven't been out to Bobs Red Mill, it might be worth a check. They have a lot more out there than I ever see at the local stores. A quick check on the Internet or a phone call might tell you if they have what you are looking for.

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          Thanks again, all. I have discovered that there is a difference between meal and flour, which is probably stating the bleeding obvious. The Bob's product is meal, albeit a fine one, and not appropriate for pancakes or quick breads, which is what I want it for. Not local, but Lucy's in Bellingham looks to have an ideal product. I'm going to pick some up on the way down to Portland.

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            I have no problems using almond meal (TJs) in pancakes and quick breads. But I like 'hearty' versions, and frequently use half white whole wheat flour, and half other stuff (such as this meal and oat bran).

        2. I buy it in bulk at Winco. It's the cheapest I've seen and doesn't have the skins on it like at Trader Joes. It may not be any more finely ground than Bob's, though.

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          1. re: mitzy1400

            Chances are good that it is Bob's they are selling in bulk at Winco. I've seen them refill bulk bins on occasion, and I know I have seen very large Bob's bulk bags. Don't know if the almond meal is from Bob's, in particular, but it is certainly possible.

          2. I live in Calgary. JK Gourmet makes an almond flour that's sold here. I can get it at my local organic store (Planet Organic or Community Natural Foods). Otherwise, I heard Honeyville is a good brand. It's not sold in Canada but would probably be in a whole foods/trader joes store.

            Here's a good link on almond flour/meal with brand recs: