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May 25, 2013 04:58 AM

Oishii: perfect for when "one loves sashimi" and the other doesn't


I suspect we're not the only couple with this dilemma: spouse loves sashimi and sushi, I don't. Oishii in the south end is the perfect compromise for us. the menu is broad and deep and the sushi and sashimi, according to my husband, is excellent. We like the room which is handsome and serene and we both like the bar and the sake menu. I thoroughly enjoyed my duck breast with apple and sake while he smiled through his chirashi sashimi. My sea bass with garlic and citrus was a gorgeous piece of fish perfectly cooked and his uni with soba noodles and poached egg had him close to licking the plate. I had a yummy thai basil margarita and he enjoyed his ginger manhattan. We shared a bonbon confection for desert that was the only slight disappointment: the chocolate so hard we had to hammer at it! for reasons known only to our lovely server (the service in every way matched the meal, so we came close to a homerun on food, service, and ambience) she brought us a second complimentary desert, a coconut sphere with yuzu sorbet and coffee mousee inside that was stunningly good. When she brought it we said "that's so lovely but I don't think we have room for it." she's probably still laughing since we practically scraped our spoons over that empty plate. It is really nice for us both to enjoy a Japanese meal when our tastes are so different. Four stars to Oishii.

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  1. What a great review! I love, love, LOVE Oishii - really amazing service (and food!). I went to the S. End location last year with a friend for lunch and we both brought our 2 mth olds - they could not have been more accomodating. I highly recommend the lunch, which I only would have known from CH.

    1. I agree that Osihii Boston is perfect for this contingency with lots of creative cooked dishes in addition to a fine array of raw fish! Oga's in Natick is similar in this respect. My father doesn't like fish at all, but enjoyed the cooked meat offerings at Oga's; the sushi and sashimi there are also excellent.

      Sushi Island also has quite a few cooked options. Other than the delicious beef tongue I have had very little cooked food at Toraya, but I recall quite a few options from their menu as well.