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May 24, 2013 11:03 PM

Dim Sum Go-To Guide 2013

2013 Guide to Bay Area Dim Sum Highlights
(please update this list with your highlights)

Egg Tarts @ Asian Pearl/Millbrae
59. Wasabi Pork Stomach @ Asian Pearl/Millbrae
15. Durian Puffs @Asian Pearl/Millbrae
33. Deep Fried Pumpkin and Egg-yolk Ball @ Great Eastern/SF
14. Pork & Shrimp Bean Curd Skin Roll @ Great Eastern/SF
75. Soya Sauce Duck Chin @ Great Eastern/SF
44. Deep Fried Taro Turnover w/ Minced Meat @ Great Eastern/SF
Pai Gut Fan/Spareribs on Rice @ Dol Ho/SF

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    1. all these amazing dim sum posts and pictures. i will happily eat my way down this list. :)

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        1. Dim sum at Koi Palace. Some of my favorites:
          2-pan fried shrimp and chive dumplings
          3-shrimp dumplings with XO sauce
          4-radish cake with XO sauce

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          1. re: Ridge

            You and I would be quite compatible eating dim sum at Koi Palace. :) I was there less than two weeks ago. The xiao long bao have improved since my last visit a couple years ago. Below is the basket of crab roe and pork xlb, five to an order.

            Also the shrimp dumpling with XO sauce. I was pretty amazed that the wrappers on these could be so thin for an open-topped dumpling.

            I didn't take a photo of the panfried daikon cake. What so impressed me about it was the geometric precision in cutting the rectangles. Also, our order was so evenly browned on top, I wondered if a blow torch had been used. But your photo doesn't look the same. And as others have mentioned, the chile sauce that comes with this is crack.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Went to Koi palace yesterday and got the fish cheek Congee. Pricy but it comes with a big plate of fish chow fun. It was off the charts good. Reminded us of something we might eat in Hong Kong. Both the Congee and the chow fun were among the best things I have eaten all year.

              1. re: Ridge

                Sounds delicious!

                It's pretty common for the higher end dim sum places to offer a lunch special that takes a (usually live) fish such as a black bass ("mahn cho") and does a two-course prep of it, one with the majority of the meat as fillets, and the other for the remainder.

                The meat portion is done in a way that fish fillets are typically done - tossed with chow fun, stir-fried with veggies or sometimes wrapped in rice noodle rolls. The rest goes either into a fish head soup or congee. It's a delicious way to enjoy a live fish if steamed whole isn't your thing.

                Off the top of my head, Asian Pearl and Joy Luck Palace do this also around $30/order, and there may be more places not in my rotation that also do the same.

          2. It's not a dim sum place, but Out the Door on Sutter makes better daikon cake than I've ever had at a dim sum place.